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Please note that uses fraud protection software and encryption to protect credit card information from theft. Your patience in providing accurate billing information is appreciated.

The following are common data entry errors of credit card billing information. Please look for these in the subject line of the confirmation email you will receive from Modify your information in the Profile Center, then contact us via email or phone (877) 315-3647, and we will reprocess your order.

"056745" or any similar six character alphanumeric combination. This indicates that your order is approved by your credit card company, but declined by our fraud protection software because your zip code does not match your credit card billing address zip code.

"Duplicate Trans" This indicates that an order for the same amount has already been billed to your card today. You should have already received an email for this order, please log in and check your Account and Profile's Order History, this will contain all your purchases and a link to your order. If you make an additional order for the same sounds we will refund your money in the event of a duplicate charge.

"Invalid Amount" Your credit card company is preventing the purchase because they deem orders of small amounts (less than $1.00) suspicious activity. Please call your credit card company and explain the purchase amount and that you are ordering from a website called

"Invalid Credit Card" This means that a) you do not have any credit card information entered into your Account and Profile's Billing Information, or that there is an error with credit card number in the same section. Please log in and check your Billing Information and notify that this information is updated so that we can reprocess your order, or alternatively go ahead and re-enter your order, you will not be double charged for the order.

"Invalid Expiration Date" and "Expired Card" are both problems with the expiration date, please verify and reenter.

"RECORD 7" or "Timeout" These are website issues, please contact us via email or phone (877) 315-3647 and we will immediately reprocess.

The following are all problems with the credit card number itself please review and correct: "Check Digit Err" "SERV NOT ALLOWED" "Error 0096" "NO SUCH ISSUER" "Acct Length Err"

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