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Q. Can I login to the site for free?
A. Yes.

Q. What is an account?
A. Your unique email address is used for your profile.

Q. Can I preview sounds for free?
A. Yes. Click on the MP3 icon beside each sound.


Q. Are the sounds free?
A. The sounds are free for evaluation purposes. Right click on the preview icon and 'Save Target As' or 'Download Link to Disk'.

Q. Why do the previews sound gritty?
A. The previews are low resolution so they will stream to your computer faster. Every sound is available up to professional quality (48 kHz).

Q. The preview is very short. May I get a longer version?
A. Please contact us via email and we will send you a longer preview.

Q. Can I have a sample of your best effects in top quality? I want to hear how good they are.
A. Of course, you can listen to a sample of our favorite effects here.

Q. How much are sounds?
A. Price is based on length, quality, channels, and supplier. Please see our Rate Chart for examples.

Sample Rates less than 44.1 kHz, and bit rates less than 16, are non-professional, and have less sound quality.

For pro quality, prices ranges from $1.00 and up. Semi-pro (22-32k) quality is 50% and consumer (11k) quality is 25% of the pro rate.

To find the price of a sound, add it to your basket and click on the 'Checkout' link on the left side of the page. This will give you a quote (at CD quality resolution) with no obligation to buy.

Q. How do I pay for sounds?
A. Credit Card, or prepaid account.

Q. How do I pay with
A. Instructions to pay via are on this page.

Q. Do you accept Purchase Orders?
A. At the moment we only accept credit card, or prepaid account.

Q. How do I setup a prepaid account?
A. Instructions on purchasing prepaid accounts via are here. You may also email us , or call 877-315-3647.

Q. What is Sound Dogs refund policy?
A. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Q. Do you offer a discount on large purchases?
A. Yes, please email us for details.

Q. What file formats do you offer?
A. We offer AIFF (Mac), WAV (PC) and MP3 (compressed). You can select which type you desire at the second checkout page.

We also offer our collections in AAF file format with fully embeded metadata for AVID users. AAF sound files imported to Avid sessions will automatically include the sound files metadata fields and information, such as the sound files description.

Q. Each time I try to select a sound I am told I have to log in again. What is causing this?
A. You must turn cookies on in your browser. This is usually under the Tools menu bar, Security Tab (PC) or within the preferences box, at the 'Advanced' or 'Cookies' selection (Mac).

Q. How do I add sounds? Each time I click on the 'Checkout' link my basket is empty.
A. Please make sure you click the checkbox to the left of the sound's description AND also click on the 'Order Selected' image at the top of the sound file chart.

Q. How can I save my search to review before purchasing?
A. You can add items to your basket and log out. Your sounds will be there when you log on again.

Q. Can you create a CD with different sounds?
A. The sounds under the heading "Downloadable Sounds" are available for an easy and instant download; we do not ship these items on CD.


Q. I ordered and paid for my sounds where are they?
A. There could be system or user error; email us and we'll help you. Please also check your email to see if you have received any notification from us.

Q. How do I save my sounds to my disks?
A. For Windows right click on the sound and 'Save Target As' or 'Download link to Disk'... select your desktop and save.
For Mac 'control-click' and hold on the sound link. A menu will pop up, 'Save Target As' or 'Dowload link to Disk' ... select your drive and save.

Q. Why did my order not get processed?
A. Make sure that your billing information is accurate, including your billing street and zip code. Update your Billing Information and then let us know and we'll then reprocess your order. You can also redo your order yourself.

Q. I did not download the sound I purchased and now the link has no page.
A. Links are available for a week or so. Contact us and we will send a new link to you.

Q. I can't download a receipt from the website. An error keeps coming up.
A. Please log in to, click on the Profile Center (left side) and then click on the Order History (or click here). This will show your orders, and will display receipts.

Q. I canĀ“t copy the sound files on a CD. What is wrong?
A. Please make sure your settings are the following: 44100 kHz, Stereo, 16 bit.


Q. Please explain the license.
A. You can use the sounds within any multimedia production for the purposes of synchronization. Examples of usage: Computer games, television shows, films, music, e-cards, flash animations, theater, etc. If you plan to broadcast the project, cue sheets must be filed (only for production music) and some additional fees may be required. Please contact us for details.

Q. What can I not do with the sounds?
A. You can not redistribute the sounds as sounds by themselves, in whole or in part (as is or slightly modified) for a fee or for free.

Q. What does royalty-free mean?
A. A standard, non-license fee agreement to utilize the sounds within any multimedia production.

Q. What about music and performing rights?
A. If you are working in feature film or tv and you file cue sheets for performing rights royalties for the music that you have used in your production, please include the composer and publisher information contain in the description of the sounds on the web site.

Q. Can I use sounds for ringtones in my cell phone?
A. Yes. Please click on this link for more details.

Q. I used a music track in a YouTube video and received a notification stating that the video contains music owned by a 3rd party. What should I do?
A. To have the claim lifted please submit a dispute. You may view detailed directions for the process clicking here

Buying Guide For Sound Effects and Production Music -

What are sound effects and production music?
Sound effects (also known as SFX, sound FX, or audio effects) and production Music (background music) are sounds created to enhance your production. Your 'production' may be for tv, radio, film, podcasts, viral videos, new media, ringtones, toys, computer presentations, etc.

How are these sounds made?
The best sound effects are recorded from an original sound and original source. For example you can buy the sound of a door being slammed because a professional sound-effects recording artist has recorded an actual door being slammed in isolation (for a fascinating sound effects recording blog check out They have used a top quality microphone and have mastered the sound afterwards to make it sound perfectly clean. Production music is recorded by a musician or band and made available for use.

Why do I need them?
Sound effects and production music are used to give information without the use of dialogue. For example, in a movie, we see a couple inside a cabin but we HEAR a winter storm sound effect coming from outside. Additionally, we HEAR tension-filled background music to create a real atmosphere.
Professional, cleanly recorded sound effects / production music highlight or punctuate an idea or emotion in your production. It is very noticeable when it is omitted or a poor quality sound has been used - an excellent sound effect should blend in seamlessly.

What kind of formats do sound effects come in?
If you need several sound effects consider buying a CD that includes a range of well-recorded sounds. If you need just one sound, enter your terms (e.g. dog barking) in the Quick Search area and press GO. Downloadable sounds come in: MP3, WAV or AIFF.

I'm not sure what sound I need!
If you have any questions before you make your purchase, offers a toll free number and online support. Listen to the free preview before you make your purchase but realize it is in a low-resolution format - when you make your purchase you will receive the sound / music in its highest resolution format. If you have made a purchase in error offers a money-back guaranty.

How do you price sounds? prides itself on having the cleanest, top quality, professionally edited sound effects and production music. The sounds have been recorded by a top sound editor and professionally mastered to truly enhance your production. To record a sound in isolation is extremely difficult - we do it for you. To record unusual sounds such as foreign instruments, sea lions, or a crowd of thousands, actually travels the world to record the sound for authenticity. We also distribute sounds with our content partners in which there is a fixed price. Remember you are buying the rights to use your sound to create a project not just listen to it. Certain sounds may require cue sheets (production music tracks) and/or additional fees - if you are ever in question please just ask Finally, we are part of your industry and know the importance of a budget - our prices aim to give you the most for your production dollar.

Remember if you have a great idea and want a professionally finished product, make sure you use top-quality sound effects.

Questions? Call us toll free: (877) 315-3647 Click here to email us
AIM: SounddogsSupport
MSN Instant Message: Sounddogs

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