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Microsoft® Windows© XP™ is thrilled to be a part of Microsoft's Movie Maker for Windows XP.

Movie Maker is an exciting offering for the Windows XP operating system and is destined to revolutionize making your home videos. Movie Maker allows you to transfer your videos to your PC, edit them, then save them to your hard drive, a CD, a web site, or email your favorite video shorts to family and friends. The software is available as part of Windows XP. Click here to learn more. has provided over 150 sounds for Movie Maker. The sounds have been especially created by a Sound Dogs editor (sound effects recordist for Michael Mann's ALI picture) just for Movie Maker directors. They are available absolutely free on the Movie Maker web page.

CLICK IMAGE TO LEARN MOREUse these sounds to enhance your home videos. Your videos will come alive with a wide selection of effects: comedy, vehicles, nature, people and more! Use the loops or songs included in the pack to complement the mood of your masterpiece.

Need more sounds for your Movie Maker project? has it all, from spaceships to shaving, jazz to rap. Log onto for free previews and instant download in multiple file formats. Click here to begin your search! is the world's first (May, 1997) and largest (95,000+) collection of Sound Effects, Royalty-Free Music and Samples & Loops on line.

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