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Celtic Past - Blastbay Studios Royalty Free Music Film Score Themes

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Blastbay Studios proudly presents: Film Score Themes, an extensive collection of production music tracks, suitable for all those occasions where you want that big, lush sound of an orchestra to back up your production.

Written and performed by acclaimed composer Quinten Pendle, this extensive set of 60 fully orchestrated tracks on 5 CD’s is sure to meet all your music needs in the movie score genre.

Containing almost 3 hours of professionally produced music, this collection is guaranteed to give your next production that special sound that only an orchestra can provide. It contains everything from the dramatic, threatening and heroic themes that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, to the soft and romantic underscores that can help bring a scene to its utmost by painting just the right pictures in the listener's mind.

The collection features music in 5 different categories, divided onto 5 compact disks with 12 tracks on each.

CD Collection

Click on the name of each disk to learn more about it, see a content listing and listen to previews of every single track.

- Celtic Past

- Epic Romance

- Grand Adventure

- Light-hearted Orchestral

- Thriller and Suspense

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