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Grand Adventure - Blastbay Studios Royalty Free Music Grand Adventure
Film Score Themes Collection


This CD is designed to awaken the adventurer in us all! 12 tracks certain to rouse the listener and evoke memories of the past, both of the great victories and the great defeats. You'll also be reminded of the hardship that came with defeat and the joy and elation that came with victory.


Composer: Quinten Pendle
Mastering engineer: Robin Schmidt
Producer: Philip Bennefall


You may listen to low quality, watermarked MP3 previews of every track containned on this disk by clicking on the "Download Preview" links in the table below. These previews are for listening purposes only and may not be used.

Track Listing

01. Hero's Quest Preview: MP3 Preview
02. Clashing Destinies Preview: MP3 Preview
03. Approaching Doom Preview: MP3 Preview
04. The Call of War Preview: MP3 Preview
05. Fruitless Chase Preview: MP3 Preview
06. Facing the End Preview: MP3 Preview
07. The Dawn Rider Preview: MP3 Preview
08. Determined Traveler Preview: MP3 Preview
09. Choices of Fate Preview: MP3 Preview
10. Night of Battle Preview: MP3 Preview
11. Glorious Return Preview: MP3 Preview
12. Heroic Endeavor Preview: MP3 Preview

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