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Using Sounds from for Ringtones

You can use's in-house library sounds in your cell phone.

If you would like to use a sound in your own personal cell phone.
1. You can order and download a sound for your cell phone just like any other sound.
2. Proceed through the checkout and download process, then transfer the sound to your phone.

* Please note: cell phones often require a specific sound file format to function properly. Please consult your cell phone's manual for details. You can then modify your sound file settings in the checkout pages to suit your cell phone's requirements.

If you are a cell phone ringtone content provider or cell phone manufacturer. licenses sounds in two ways:

1. Per-Download
- a fee is charged each time a customer downloads a sound from the hosting site.
- this fee is 15% of the host site's download price. If the price is less than $1.00, the set fee is $0.15.
- download a sample agreement here.

2. Buyout
- $50.00 per sound flat rate, with a limit of 5,000 downloads from the hosting site.
- download a sample agreement here.

* Please note: sounds may be redistributed for download to cell phones ONLY.

Over 80,000 sounds available for ringtone use. Download the offline database below:
Complete Sounddogs Ringtone Catalog Database


Browse the ring tone libraries via here: Library Library
NV Library NV Library
Casablanca Library Casablanca Library
Master's Digital Library Master's Digital Library
The Anarchist Cookbook Library Anarchist Cookbook Library
Nightingale Library Nightingale Library
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