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Studio Cutz
Studio Cutz - Classical 02 Classical Piano

Studio Cutz - Classical 02
Classical Piano

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A variety of well known and lesser known works by Frederic Chopin performed on grand piano.

Sounds included are:

- Waltz No 1 in E Flat (5:06)
- Waltz No 12 in F Major (2:48)
- Waltz No 11 in G Flat (2:08)
- Nocturne Es Dur (3:43)
- Waltz No 10 in B Minor (3:56)
- Waltz No 6 in D Flat (1:47)
- Waltz No 7 in C Sharp (3:46)
- Waltz No 4 in F Major (2:11)
- Mazurka As Dur (3:28)
- Nocture No 4 in F Major (3:47)

All songs have 60 and 30 second and short versions.

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