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The Mix I Broadcast Music Library offers more than 10 hours of production-ready material, totalling over 1,200 tracks ... all on 10 compact discs. This premier collection contains 2 CDs of Production Elements, including: Logos, Work Parts, Promo ID Beds, Weather Themes, Sports Themes, Stingers, Newscaster Openers, Sweepers, Traffic Themes, Bumpers, Tags, Orchestra Hits & Stabs, Harp Music, Halloween Accents, Circus Accents, and Bugle Calls, Drum Hits & Rolls.

Check out these 10 value-packed CDs:

Mix #1 Easy Listening
& Classical
Mix #6 Jazz & Comedy
Mix #2 Soft A/C & Travel Mix #7 Christmas & Holidays
Mix #3 Sports Mix #8 Production Elements 1
Mix #4 Rock, Pop, Dance Mix #9 Production Elements 2
Mix #5 Country & New Country Mix #10 Sound Effects

As always, the Mix Broadcast Music Library offers you:

Broadcast lengths
Royalty Free purchase
Wide selection of musical styles, organized for easy access
Full reference catalog with CD track index listing
Music by a variety of composers
Unique storage binder
GM and budget friendly - designed for #1 markets
at a small Market price.

The Most Variety and the Most Value in a Broadcast Music Library.

The Mix Broadcast Music Library...

Sounds Incredible

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