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The Mix IV Broadcast Music Library offers a host of brand new music themes and sound effects - all royalty free. With more than 14 hours of first class production music and premium quality sound effects on 12 CDs, Mix IV boasts more than 1,200 tracks and over 400 themes.

Mix IV offers incredible variety!

Mix #26 Romantic / Leisure Mix #32 Action / Sports / Pop
Mix #27 Bright, Light Activity Mix #33 Dance / Urban / Rock
Mix #28 Bright, Light Activity Mix #34 Classical / Holidays
Mix #29 Industry / Drama Mix #35 Jazz / Ethnic
Mix #30 Country / Western Mix #36 Military / Period
Mix #31 Children / Comedy Mix #37 Sound Effects

As always, the Mix Broadcast Music Library offers you ...

Broadcast lengths
Royalty Free purchase
Wide selection of musical styles, organized for easy access
Full reference catalog with CD track index listing
Music by a variety of composers
Unique storage binder
GM and budget friendly - designed for #1 markets
at a small Market price

Mix IV...The Best Broadcast Music at the Best Price!

The Mix IV Broadcast Music Library...

Sounds Incredible

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