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Headline News Music
Fully Orchestrated News Themes
1 CD Audio 81 Tracks
$129 US

Headline News Music - Royalty Free Music

This just in .... breaking news from Sound Ideas - Headline News Music is on the air!

This CD of production music has been tailored for use in newscasts. If offers more than 80 fully orchestrated news themes, in an assortment of versions designed for specific use as:

  • Opens
  • Bumps
  • Promos
  • Segments
  • Groove Beds
  • Strings, and
  • Closes

Each track on this CD has its own personality, offering a variety of different instrumentations, tempos, styles and moods. Use them as complementary variations on the main theme, or as separate audio signatures.

Set the tone, prepare your audience, and deliver today's lead stories with Headline News Music from Sound Ideas - the only royalty free news music package.


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