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CHILLDED ELECTRONICA:  Direct from the London club scene, Chilled Electronica is packed with bleeding edge, provocative and atmospheric down-tempo styles.  Eighteen full-length themes fill this CD.

1. LILY'S DREAM  - 3:55  Acid jazz style with plenty of atmosphere, skittery hi-hat and reversed horns.
2. TORI ATTAK    - 4:03  A chilled-out track, with live flute and a smattering of drum and bass rhythm.
3. DIRIGIBLE       - 3:56   A dub influenced slice of chill-out, with an Oriental vibe.
4. ICE SCREAM VAN MAN - 3:49  Down-tempo meets quirky, with buzz saw guitar effect and fat bass line.
5. INYERFACE       - 3:58  Electro breakbeat, with retro synth, crunchy beats and plenty of attitude.
6. JAZZ ART (V.1)   -3:54 Atmospheric piece utilizing a mixture of fast and half-speed breaks, plus treated vibraphone.
7. JAZZ ART (V.2)   -3:53 Alternate mix of above main theme.
8. LUMPFISK          -4:06 Perfect post-club chilled electronica.
9.  PERCUSSOSTATIC -3:53 Tribal-vibe progressive house, with two bass lines and layers of hypnotic percussion
10. PENTIUM FAZE (V.1) - 4:07 Off-kilter electronic ambience, with much sonic manipulation.
11. PENTIUM FAZE (V.2) -4:07 Alternate mix of above main theme.
12. FIESTY             -3:36 Drum and bass track combines saccharine vocal samples with hard step style.
13. RUNNING MAN  -3:38 Full on drum and bass, with pseudo B-movie sample and crisp breaks.
14. SELL MY CAR (V.1) -4:05 British club vibe, with searing synth stabs and driving rhythm.
15. SELL MY CAR (V.2) -4:02 Alternate mix of above main theme.
16. SHIZZER           -4:00 Urgent progressive house, with cascading vocal sample and synth pattern.
17. SHOW BURN     -4:01 A slow building slice of electronic breakbeat.
18. ALWAYS NEVER -4:08 Moby-like, with insistent piano line, atmospheric strings, vocal samples and slow breakbeat.

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