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 T.H.E. Music Library

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T.H.E. Music Library

Feature film quality music. Quality of music blending seamlessly into a production. Face the facts, whether you are doing corporate, broadcast, industrial you name it, your audience has lived on a steady diet of major mo' pics and television by the time they're adults for MORE THEN 3 YEARS (DAY AND NIGHT) by the time they turn 25. Hollywood quality at Hoboken (Sinatra aside) prices.

Most of you asked for what you really wanted, we hope. A production music library with the highest quality of music of the strongest needle drop collections at a Buy Out price, where you don't have to pay for, fifty or more, CD's up front.

You asked for it, you got it! Risk free!

Here's how it goes. Take fourteen days, listen to every cut on every disc. If you don't believe this is the best bang for the buck that you've experienced in the past twenty years. Outside of THE PRICE CLUB which last we heard doesn't sell Production music . . . Send it back! Include an irate note! Won't happen, buddy!

Buy out music, with a quality matching what the license and needle drop libraries strive for, at a fraction of the cost. Variety that will appeal to everyone from your great Aunt Belinda, to your nephew Freddie. You name it it's here. The cream of the crop. Hot writers (let's just say some old friends, who want to remain nameless, owed us some favors). With a combined three centuries of experience (no joke, we're not talking about one composer, one artist. variety is the spice, a stadium full). Producers and musicians that run the gamut from Commercial production, to film scoring (no surprise there), to top-notch record production.

Flexibility. A user friendly catalog, that your youngest kid could use. Flexibility - T.H.E. Music Library comes delivered in Commercial length, containing over 550 themes :60, :30, :10, as well as extended lengths and Alternative/Lighter mixes.

Most of T.H.E. Music library is created with living, breathing musicians. But some of the most innovative digital work being done today, you've got to hear to believe. The right music for the right occasion. Music that blends seamlessly into your productions for a fraction of the cost. Contains 56 CDs

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