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Stings & Things Imaging Disc - Production Elements Library

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Stings & Things Imaging Disc - Production Elements

What's the buzz on Stings & Things? Simply put, this royalty free imaging elements CD took well over a year to complete and it was the result of many discussions with imaging producers about their wants and needs. After all the talking was done, the musicians got down to business and created some of the hippest, hottest sounding imaging tracks available anywhere.

Executive Producer Doug Thompson is a multi-award winning writer and director who has won over 150 awards for his creative efforts. Doug's talent has taken him around the world to work with some of the biggest names in show business, including Ringo Starr, David Foster, Graham Nash and the late John Candy.

It's becoming rare that production element packages come usable right out of the box. It's even more rare that they sound this good! Stings & Things brings a swift kick in the attitude to imaging. And no more "hunting and pecking" through piles of filler! - a few words from John Masacar - Production Manager, Standard Radio Toronto.

Here's a sample of this collection's contents:

Category Title Description
Stings And We're Back Acoustic Blend of Contentment
Stings Blast Off Digital Interruption Looped Fade Out
Stings Brewing News Fluttery Filtered Synth
Stings Check this Out Club Beat to Filtered Fade Out
Stings Current Affair Intriguing Broadcast with Filtered Noise
Stings Damaged DJ Scratching to Pad Then Dropout
Stings Dance Club Touch Down Needle Drop Dance Club Anthem
Stings Dark Pad Dark Depths Explosion Pad
Stings Feedback Dive Bomb Rock God Stadium Feedback
Stings Final Answer Eerie Discontent Times Up
Stings Freakin Laser Beam Digital Laser Synth Noise
Stings Pacific Memory Trilly Piano over Asian Shimmer
Stings Plasma Blast Build Up to Metallic Impact
Stings Pre Game Warmup Energy Building Intensity with Synth Impacts
Stings Retro Rewind Impact to Time Rewind with Retro Feel
Stings Takeoff Explosive Thrilling Escape
Stings Techno Splash Bounce Round Pad to Sharp Sting Ending
Things 2am Rave Rave Synth Groove with Fade Out
Things Call in Now Synth Drum Fill to Progress with Piano
Things Club Life R&B Night on the Town Wah Funk
Things Cool Clown Cars Intense High Speed Bouncing Rhythm
Things Cruising City Lights Light Jazzy Bouncing Thought Provoking Groove
Things Digital Metal Metal Distortion Chugging Driven Rhythm
Things Dr. Dogg Pound West Side Gangsta Hip Hop Mysterious
Things Easy Get Away Dark Night Glistening Beats
Things Hard Facts Meaningful Undercurrent Affair
Things Industrial State Radio Frequency Impact with Fade Out
Things Its Happening Now Eruption to Bubbly Pad
Things Lapd on the Case West Side Symphonic Hip Hop Groove
Things Night Drivin Chilled Out Night Driving
Things Pinball Game Intense Industrial Driving Rhythm
Things Rain-Forest Cafe Air Blast to Tropical Tech Rhythm & Pad
Things Soul Searching Rock Anthem Drum Intro to Thought Provoking Sustain
Things Space Movement Dive Bomb Rock Stadium Feedback

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