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The Mix Signature Collection Royalty Free Music Combo

The Mix Signature Collection Combo offers the entire series at an unbeatable combo price!

The Mix Signature Collection Combo combines all 36 CDs of the Mix Signature Music Series into one robust production music collection that is ideal for broadcast: it is a complete and well-priced music package. The Mix Signature concept was to bring the very best of Sound Ideas Mix Music collections together. A total of 574 unique musical compositions were selected. Both full length and broadcast length versions combine to provide you with 2,125 royalty free music tracks. This product is available on its original Audio CDs or on Hard Drive. The Hard Drive version offers the entire series in a completely digital format as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files with metadata for fast and easy use The Mix Signature Collection Combo.

Visit each of the product pages below in order to view and audition them:

Classical Mix 1


Holiday Mix 1

Classical Mix 2


Holiday Mix 2

Classical Mix 3   Jazz Mix 1
Classical Mix 4   Jazz Mix 2

Corporate Mix 1


Latin Mix 1

Corporate Mix 2   Latin Mix 2

Country Mix 1


Lite & Eazy Mix 1

Country Mix 2


Lite & Eazy Mix 2

Dance & Techno Mix 1


Lite Jazz Mix 1

Dance & Techno Mix 2   Lite Jazz Mix 2

EZ Listening Mix 1


New Age Mix 1

EZ Listening Mix 2


New Age Mix 2

EZ Listening Mix 3


Rock Mix 1

EZ Listening Mix 4


Rock Mix 2

Eazy Rock Mix 1


Rock Mix 3

Eazy Rock Mix 2


Rock Mix 4

Hard Rock Mix 1


Sports Mix 1

Hard Rock Mix 2


Sports Mix 2

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