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The Royalty Free Music Combo 1

12 CDs         415 Tracks CD Audio

The Royalty Free Music Combo 1

The Royalty Free Music Combo offers 12 first rate CDs of fresh buyout music, in a wide variety of music genres and styles. You just can't beat this combination - more than 400 tracks, in full length, alt mix and broadcast versions. Here is a brief summary of what you get in the Royalty Free Music Combo. Click on the links to get more details.

Acoustic Easy Listening Music - Warm to the sound of acoustic guitar and piano compositions - 10 themes, each accompanied by an alt mix / underscore track and 3 broadcast length versions.

Alternative Rock Music - Tense, Taunting, Crashing, Dangerous. This CD contains 10 full length themes, each complemented by an alt mix / underscore track and three versatile broadcast length versions.

Dance Club Music - a bold, high spirited and pulsating CD that offers 10 energetic full length compositions, plus a full selection of broadcast tracks for each theme.

Drama Film Score Music offers a full-bodied selection of 20 suspenseful, heroic and eerie dramatic music tracks, in a variety of instrumentations and tempos.

Extreme Rock Music - Rebellious, rugged and demanding. This CD offers 10 full length themes with alt mix / underscore tracks and a full complement of broadcast length versions.

Hip Hop & House Music is a jam packed CD with over 70 minutes of music offers 18 full length themes and 21 tracks in all. Choose from a strong mix of Hip Hop, House, House Trance, Techno, Gangsta and TV Drama selections.

Lite, Emotional & Dramatic Music - Explore the rich tapestry of human feelings with 10 full length contemporary themes complemented by a full set of broadcast tracks.

Olympic Sports Music - Capture the spirit of the games with this CD of inspirational, stirring and grand compositions. 10 themes, each provided as a full mix, an alt mix or underscore, and 3 different broadcast lengths.

Tribute Music - 40 specially selected full length themes on 2 CDs to celebrate the stories of our lives - from the early years, through life's challenges and triumphs, accompanied by heartfelt memories and emotion.

Wacky Comedy Music is just that ... wacky, quirky, goofy, and comic. 10 full length themes, each provided with a full set of complementary broadcast length tracks.

Plus - Order the Royalty Free Music Combo and get "October" as a bonus CD!
This refreshing release contains 14 easy listening instrumental themes. With versatile acoustic arrangements, this CD evokes leisurely, romantic and jazzy moods.

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