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The Royalty Free Music Combo 2

19 CDs         419 Tracks CD Audio

The Royalty Free Music Combo 2

The Royalty Free Music Combo #2 offers 19 first rate CDs of fresh buyout music, in a wide variety of music genres and styles, and more than 400 full length tracks. Here is a brief summary of what you get in this combo collection. Click on the links to get more details.

Adventure Music - Tune into 24 full length themes of adventurous music for a full range of applications. Almost all of these tracks feature a full orchestra.

Cinematic Music - This CD offers a broad spectrum of dramatic music, suitable for a wide variety of film score applications. Most of these 21 full length themes feature orchestral instrumentation, with a smattering of piano, cello and keyboard features as well.

Classical Music That's Relaxing - Unwind and take it easy with this CD of soothing, delicate and serene full length classical themes by some of the world's great composers. The 14 tracks featured here are all performed by a full classical orchestra.

Competitive Sports - This positive, driving and ambitious CD offers running, determined and courageous music that is equally suited for corporate, news and sports applications. This CD contains 22 full length tracks with a solid mixture of moods and styles. Featured instruments include electric guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, bass and orchestra.

Contemporary Country Music - These 15 full length themes offer a vibrant slice of Americana, featuring a variety of folk, country swing, country rock and easy listening themes. Featured instruments include electric guitar, bass, piano, acoustic guitar, and violin.

Corporate Power - This CD contains a broad cross-section of 27 full length themes, designed to illustrate achievement in the corporate world. Featured instruments include electric guitar and keyboard, piano, orchestra, acoustic guitar, trumpet, saxophone, strings organ and percussion.

Corporate Success - The 25 full length themes on this CD showcase the many sides of competition and success in business and personal endeavours. Featured instruments include orchestra, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass and keyboard.

Energized Rock - These 19 full length themes provide an energetic blend of rock themes with blues, jazz and sports overtones. Featured instruments include electric guitar, percussion, piano, saxophone, bass and keyboard.

Famous Classical Music - This CD offers 17 full length, fully orchestrated tracks of well known and well loved classical masterpieces. Eight of the world's great classical composers are featured: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Rossini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Brahms.

Hi-Energy Sports Music - Action, achievement and adventure are combined with competition, motivation and technology in this CD of 23 full length sports themes. Featured instruments include electric guitar, percussion, orchestra, keyboard, piano, bass and orchestra.

Hybrid Rock - This CD of 24 full length themes offers a moving selection of edgy electric guitar rock, extreme sports, rock blues and solo electric guitar - something for everyone. Featured instruments include electric guitar, percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, bass and organ instrumentation.

Mystery & Suspense Music - This CD of 25 full length tracks provides a wide range of dramatic and new age themes that can be used in a broad spectrum of mystery, suspense, fantasy, thriller, science fiction and horror applications. Most of the tracks offer full orchestral instrumentation.

New Age Landscapes - This collection of 23 full length tracks offers music with new age, dramatic film score and easy listening elements. Featured instruments include orchestra, keyboard, piano, saxophone, koto, oboe, piano, electric and acoustic guitars, flute and strings.

Percussive Dance Music - 24 full length themes that feature dance, jazz, blues and sport beats, all infused with infectious, bold, devious or mysterious overtones. Featured instruments include keyboards, percussion, bass and electric guitar.

Positive Easy Listening Music - This CD contains 27 full length themes that offer many different ways to express a wide variety of easy listening and romantic moods. Featured instruments include acoustic guitar, orchestra, piano, electric guitar, flute, bass, percussion, strings, saxophone and keyboard.

Romantic Emotions - This CD of 25 full length tracks offers a mellow, warm and poignant blend of romantic, wedding and easy listening themes. Featured instruments include piano, cello, saxophone, strings, acoustic guitar, orchestra, harp, bass and keyboard.

Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music - All 24 of the full length themes in this CD are moving - to latin beats, big band jazz, the blues, rock and roll, and romance. Featured instruments include horns, piano, saxophone, organ, electric guitar, trumpet, acoustic bass, flute, percussion, vibes, jazz band and big band.

World Music - Africa & The Middle East - This CD of 20 full length themes provides a bold, confident, proud and strong pallette that features instrumentation like bass, percussion, piano, acoustic guitar, strings and orchestra.

World Music Mosaic - This CD of 20 full length themes provides a virtual passport to many different corners of the world. Featured instruments include horns, percussion, organ, electric guitar, accordion, piano, marimba, trumpet, acoustic guitar and violin.

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