Audition Above
Premium broadcast production music recorded in NYC studios
The MSE series is a compact but high quality collection of over 400 broadcast production tracks. All performances are by "first-call" NYC studio session players. If you're tired of imitations and computer-generated sounds, check out MSE's live authentic sound!


    • Broadcast-ready :60s, :30s, :10s on 7 CDs
    • Emphasis on live instruments and real players
    • Great Rock, Jazz, and Country + Hot-to-Cool Retail
    • Plus Contemporary Grooves and Comedy/Lighthearted
    • Current catalog of 135 compostions / 428 tracks on 7 CDs
Amazing Variety on 7 CDs:
From gritty fun rock to soft-sell light acoustic. From free-quartet jazz to oldtime clarinet swing. From Punk Rock to chugging Techno. MSE is loaded with client-pleasing sounds for just about every advertiser category. Whether you need to shout excitement, scream urgency, establish confidence, luxuriate quality, or tickle the funny bone, the MSE library gives you the musical tools you need to get the job done right and have fun doing it!
Lots of live instruments and real players:
MSE keeps it real! Recorded in NYC by "first-call" session players, the MSE Library features live authentic rock, jazz, R&B, solo instruments and much more. MSE gives you a national quality "big library" sound for a fraction of the cost!

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