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Single Cuts - Just Jazz
Price - $49.95

This CD is "just" in every sense of the word. It contains ONLY Jazz from the full spectrum of styles, and is "just" in the sense that it is righteous and very hip. Great for adding a sophisticated air to your productions. This CD is also a fantastic choice for on-hold applications.
11 full-length cuts over 40 minutes of music!.

This recording contains:
- Year 372 - Understated club groove, with piano, vibes.
- Fancy That - Delicate electric and acoustic piano, Rhythm, bass.
- Bailar Conmigo - Latin Acoustic Jazz. Like Carlos Unplugged.
- Up In The Air - Gentle piano trio, with airy strings, mute trumpet
- Tough Track - Bouncy beat with edgy, processed blues guitar.
- The Sly One - Patient, sultry Bossa Nova, sax, guitar, piano.
- Flight - Thoughtful piano, trumpet, standup bass, rhythm.
- Half A Chance - Sophisticated dinner Jazz. Various pianos, rhythm.

Single Cuts - Just Jazz