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Gerhard Daum - Toneworks Records

While music was always part of Gerhard Daum's early upbringing, he learned to perfect his art towards music composition at the University of Music Karlsruhe in Germany and at the University of Music and Art Graz in Austria. After studying music, Gerhard successfully composed scores of music on various projects, from feature films ("Awakening of the Phoenix"), television features ("Tatort Bien vom Fab"), to documentaries ("Z.E.N.-Der Klosterweg").

12 compositions, 60 minutes of total length. Part 1: featuring magic flutes from all over the world. Part 2: compositions based on frequencies of colors. Music that inspires and lets you travel all over the world.

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Production Music, License Music, Needle Drop, Buyout Music, Royalty Free Music

License Information: Please print this page if you require a written license.

These production music tracks are sold on a production license basis, and includes a lifetime synchronization license. Synchronization is the editing or mixing of a purchased music track with your visuals, voice, or sound effects, and gives you the right to reproduce your production as often as you like. An additional license is required for usage in feature film, television, commercial dvd/vhs, games, toys, and retail products.

You may:  Synchronize the music tracks  in multimedia, CD Roms. kiosks, home videos, websites, theater,
trade shows, seminars, radio programs, animations, educational usage, and non-commercial applications.
No additional fees are required for the above usages.

An additional license is required for commercial applications such as feature files, television programs and commercials, video games, toys and retail products.

You may not: Reproduce the sound effects as is or derivatives of,  Mechanical Rights are not included.
You may not copy, distribute, sub-license, repackage, re-sell, give away, lend, rent, or lease the sound effects.
You may not copy the products to an electronic bulletin board or on-line service.


Licensed for (no additional fees):
synchronization in multimedia
home movies
radio commercial national
radio commercial regional
radio internet
multimedia cd-rom
cd mixed with fx, music & voice
educational usage
web site
public performance (seminars)
copy to a computer network
non-commercial applications

Additional License (additional fee required):

Woldwide Unlimited Synchronized Broadcast And Distribution In Perpetuity $600

For an additional license please email:

Please include: 
-track name(s)
-six digit audio preview number(s)
-your product or production
-number of units
-broadcast zones.

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