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The Maximum Edge by Stockmusic.net at Sounddogs.com


147 tracks . $1499.95USD
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The Maximum Edge is the complete Stockmusic music library on one DVD ROM! Available in the format of your choice (MP3-320 KBPS, AIFF, WAVE).

Download PDF track list here.

This DVD includes the following:

- Liquid Lounge - MP3 Preview Ultra-hip laid-back drum & bass, groovy trippy, disco funky acidy jazz kinda chillin out music. From underground jazz grooves to hip hop party vibes, to tripped out chilled out psychedelic funkiness. 

- Power Lunch - MP3 Preview Progressive, cutting-edge tunage to make any business sound hip, slick and professional.

- Spirit Legendz - MP3 Preview NEW AGE, relaxing, enriching, peaceful, uplifting. Everything from pianos played in a forest to ethereal Celtic harps and searching Enya-"esque" vocals. Mountain flutes and ambient rhythms- spiritual, awakened music that will get all your chakras humming in harmony. 

- In Yo Face - MP3 Preview Rap, R&B, Hip Hop grooves. From love ballads and wailing vocals to crazy in yo face chillin and kickin words and riddims.

- Furious Fingers and Passionate Piano - MP3 Preview Passionate, romantic, and evocative music from composers such as Satie, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Bach, Mozart, and Rimsky-Korsakov. These tracks run the full range of emotional piano, harpsichord, organ and keyboard styles.

- Ambient Explorations - MP3 Preview From unusual and complex textured film environments to orchestral experiments and eclectic groove variations.

- Ultra Freak N Grooves - MP3 Preview Dark, subversive, twisted grooves that will rock the block and freak the street.

- Smooth-Ass Grooves - MP3 Preview Trippy, laid-back, fresh rhythms and lines that go down smooth as iced absinth on a hot day in grooveland.

- Static Discharge - MP3 Preview Distorted, hardcore, mutilated, complex, electronically charged and edgy grooves that explore the mayhem of our tortured digital existence.

- Subversive Undercurrents - MP3 Preview Mutilated guitars and edgy distorted breakbeats, evil apocalyptic tribal soundscapes, gothic industrial grungy punk trance and funky hardcore grooves are just some of what you will find here. 

- World Pulse - MP3 Preview Experience haunting Celtic vocals and piano, evil Tibetan monks, explore the darkest human grooves of the African rain forest and ethereal flutes in the mountains of Ecuador.

- Producer's Bundle #1 - MP3 Preview (Electronic Grooves) is diverse and wide-ranging in its style and scope. 16 complete full length songs, 133 loops organized by tracks and BPM. Build your own remix or use the loops independently!
Also includes 13 additional completely new bonus loops.

- Flashgrooves - MP3 Preview Fully produced and mixed sections of songs. Simply drop them into Flash or any multimedia or video editing program. There are styles to fit almost any project, from Techno, Pop, Dance, Trip Hop, Alternative, 80's retro, Industrial, Ambient, Funk, Groove, Experimental, Apocalyptic as well as suspenseful soundtrack loops, quirky video game loops, playful kids loops, insane loops, manic and frantic loops and much more! Over 133 unique and highly useable loops.

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