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Megasonics Sound Design Production Elements
4CDs + 1 DVD /1,292 Sounds

Produced over a period of three years by some of today's top Hollywood sound designers and engineers utilizing leading-edge technology, Megasonics is a vast and extensive royalty free collection of the most useful, imaginative and original sonic elements - all conveniently organized in a 4 disc set (plus a DVD ROM data disc of 24 bit / 48 K WAV files).

Whether you are producing feature films, movie trailers, video games, TV or radio spots, promos, documentaries, corporate presentations or just sonifying your Web site, Megasonics is guaranteed to offer the latest and most varied sonic palette for all of your productions. Megasonics is truly in a league of its own in terms of imagination, scope and quality.

Megasonics Collection:

Hits, Risers, Fallers, Sweepers, Flybys, Whooshes, Transitions

Hits: Chimes, Doors, Explosions, Gongs, Metallic, Thuds
Risers: Buzz, Echo, Low, Sci-Fi, Synth
Fallers: Bells, High, Low, Noise, Sci-Fi, Synth
Sweepers: Electric, Lasers / Zappers, Low, Noise, Miscellaneous
Flybys: Under 1 Second, 1-2 Seconds, 2-3 Seconds, 3-4 Seconds, 4-5 Seconds, 5-6 Seconds, 6-7 Seconds, 7-8 Seconds, Over 8 Seconds
Whooshes: Under 1 Second, 1-2 Seconds, Over 2 Seconds
Transitions: Bells, Chimes, Clicks, Drips, Electric, Metallic, Noise, Punctuators, Scratches, Synth, tape, Vinyl, Whip

Drones, Atmospheres, Textures

Drones: Aqua, Deep, Filter, Growl, Harmonics, Pulse, Sci-Fi, Sparkles
Atmospheres: Aquatic, Creepy, Lab, Machines, Noise, Ominous, Sci-Fi, Wind
Textures: Eerie, Ominous, Tranquil, Waterphones, Whirring

Noise, Pulses, Logos

Noise: Alien Machines, Blasts, Creaks, Electric, Gear Crashes, Generators, Machines, Ominous, Static, Miscellaneous
Pulses: Alarms, Aqua, Buzz, Clicks, Machines, Metallic, Noise, Sparkles, Wire, Miscellaneous
Loops: Aqua, Chimes / Bells, Electric, Heartbeats, Industrial / Machines, Noise, Record Scratches, Sci Fi

Magical FX, Sci Fi FX, Spooky FX

Magical FX: Bells / Chimes, Blips, Electric, Harp, Reverse FX, Sci-Fi, Synth, Wind Chimes, Miscellaneous
Sci-Fi FX: Alarms, Bleeps, Blips / Robotic, Chimes, Electric, Lasers, Noise, Pulse, Synth, Vocal FX
Spooky FX: Aliens, Ambient, Chimes, Creatures, Eerie, Ghosts, Growls, Haunted, Heartbeats, Lab, Screams, Theremin, Voices, Whistle, Wind, Witches, Miscellanous

DVD ROM: The full collection of Megasonics at 24 bit / 48 K WAV files

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