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The Digiffects Power Pack Sound Effects Library

Power Pack from Digiffects - a royalty free collection of high powered and superquality processed sound effects created to save you valuable time in situations when ordinary sound clips aren't strong enough. The royalty free collection boasts more than 1,700 pre-boosted sound effects on 7 CDs. Packed with tremendous impact and processed to the limit, the FX are also designed to be combined with each other.


Sound Effects Content by CD:
CD 1
- Synthetic Media FX:
Production Elements
268 SFX
CD 2
- Synthetic Media FX
Musical Elements & Sci Fi
131 SFX
CD 3
- Processed Sound FX
Weapons, Impacts, Sports
338 SFX
CD 4
- Processed Sound Fx
Transports, Tools & Industry

136 SFX

CD 5
- Cartoon Sound FX
Cartoon & Comedy

221 SFX

CD 6
-Processed Sound FX
Weapons & Impacts

355 SFX

CD 7
- Processed Sound FX
Crashes & Impacts
293 SFX

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