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Art of Foley
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
FS 10 3,846 Foley Sound Replacement Foley Artistry of Dan O'Connell

The Art of Foley contains a warehouse full of simulated sounds, both extreme and everyday, for foley synchronization and audio sound replacement. Featuring a great selection of the very best from top foley artist Dan O'Connell of One Step Up and many gems from the Sound Dogs archives, The Art of Foley will...

Applaud, Break, Bubble, Click, Creak, Crumple, Crush, Drop, Fall, Grind, Hammer, Hit, Impact, Jingle, Kick Pry, Punch, Rattle, Rip, Rustle, Scrape Shake, Shriek, Smash, Splash, Squelch, Squish, Step & Swish

...its way into your productions.

The Art of Foley... A Masterpiece of Props and Motion... From Sound Ideas

The Art of Foley...

© 2001 Sound Ideas

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