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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
6000 Ext 20 3252 General The General's Perfect Partner

The Tradition Continues ...

Sound Ideas announces the SERIES 6000 EXTENSION - the perfect partner to the incredibly successful Series 6000 Sound Effects Library - known worldwide as THE GENERAL! The SERIES 6000 EXTENSION is a stunning collection of 20 CDs, showcasing over 3,200 all-new professional quality sound effects, digitally recorded in stereo, ready to kick your productions into high gear!

This remarkable new library, the result of substantial research, field recording and long studio hours, is a compilation of today's most in-demand sound effects. We also enlisted the special efforts of some of the industry's most respected sound recordists and sound designers. People like David Yewdall from 20th Century Fox, Sandy Berman from the Sony lot, Russell Brower - one of the senior members of the Disney creative staff, and Mike McDonough, whose stellar credits include Star Trek: First Contact .

The SERIES 6000 EXTENSION is both a perfect companion to THE GENERAL, and a superb collection of professional sound effects in its own right! You will discover a host of great sounds that anyone in production would truly love to have, and much more!

6041 Aviation 6051 Forklift - Hockey
6042 Aviation & Auto 6052 Hospital - Industry
6043 Auto 6053 Industry
6044 Adding Machine - Birds 6054 Industry - Missile
6045 Boat - Champagne 6055 Motorcycle - Rain
6046 City - Creaks 6056 Restaurant - Skating
6047 Crowds 6057 Skating - Suit of Armour
6048 Crowds - Explosion 6058 Switch - Trains
6049 Fan - Fire 6059 Trains
6050 Guns 6060 Tree - Zipper

The Series 6000 Extension Sound Effects Library...

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