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Ambience II 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
7000 15 360 Ambience Broad Selection; Foreign Ambience

A totally new addition of 360 contemporary atmospheres on 15 CDs, AMBIENCE II offers more variety than ever before. This collection of sounds includes four CDs exclusively devoted to extensive coverage of international ambiences, and also features a "Scenes" CD: a great new Sound Idea. Each sound in the library is digitally recorded and all are exactly three minutes in length.

Barn Ambiences
Country Ambiences
Forest Ambiences
Jungle Ambiences
Marsh Ambiences
Mountain Ambiences
Ocean Ambiences
Storm Ambiences
Wind Ambiences

Airport Ambiences
Arcade Ambiences
Ballroom Ambiences
Bank Ambiences
Bar Ambiences
Basketball Ambiences
Beach Ambiences
Billiard Hall Ambiences
Boardroom Ambiences
Bowling Ambiences
Fair Ambiences
Bus Station Ambiences
Casino Ambiences
City Ambiences
Construction Ambiences
Convention Ambiences
Crowds - Small, Medium &
Large (Indoor Ambiences)
Crowds - Medium & Large
(Outdoor Ambiences)

Harbour Ambiences
Hockey Ambiences
Hospital Ambiences
Household Ambiences
Industry Ambiences
Library Ambiences
Lobby Ambiences
Market Ambiences
Office Foyer Ambiences
Parade Ambiences
Park Ambiences
Parking Lot Ambiences
Party Ambiences
Playground Ambiences
Residential Ambiences
Restaurant Ambiences
Room Tones

Room Tones
School Ambiences
Service Station Ambiences
Ice Skating Ambiences
Stadium Ambiences

Stock Exchange Ambiences
Store Ambiences
Subway Ambiences
Swimming Pool Ambiences
Symphony Ambiences
Theatre Ambiences
Train Station Ambiences
Barn Ambiences
Battle Ambiences
Cave Ambiences
Christmas Ambiences
City Ambiences
Courtroom Ambiences
Dinosaur Park Ambiences
Earthquake Ambiences
Fight Scene Ambiences
Forest Fire Ambiences
House Fire Ambiences
Horror Ambience
Police Accident Ambiences
Steam Train Station Ambiences
Western Street Ambiences

7010 Foreign Ambiences: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic
7011 Foreign Ambiences: Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France
7012 Foreign Ambiences: Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India
7013 Foreign Ambiences: India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia
7014 Foreign Ambiences: Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland
7015 Foreign Ambiences: Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay

Ambience II Series 7000 Sound Effects Library...

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