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Sci Fi 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
8000 4 500 Science Fiction Award Winning Designers

Sci Fi Series 8000 is a 4 CD compilation from Hollywood's best science fiction sound designers provides more than 500 sound effects and ambiences: everything from alarms, space ships and alien creatures to hatches and air locks, robotics, rockets, telemetry, weapons and Challenger space shuttle launches.

Among the award-winning sound designers whose talents are featured in this collection are Randy Thom (Mars Attacks! and Contact), David Yewdall (Fifth Element and Starship Troopers), Mike McDonough (Star Trek: First Contact), and Charles Maynes (Starship Troopers).

The collection comes packaged in a special retro science fiction carrying case, and all four CDs have been digitally mastered in stereo. This collection is ready for lift off, and will take your productions where no man has gone before!

Sci Fi Series 8000 Highlights

8001 Air Bursts, Pressure Blasts, Electronic Warning Signals, Alarms, Battle Station Alarms, Warning System Intruder Alerts, Radiation Alerts, Sci Fi Ambiences, Throbbing Rumbles, Eerie Pulsing Drone, Deep Hollow Space Drone, Fast Pulsing Rumble, Shifting Ghostly Background, Pulsing Electronic Rumble, Fluttering Power Drone, Space Lab Steady Hollow Drone, Machine Room Roars & Hums, Neural Neutralizer, Sonic Wave, Power Start Up & Increase, Eerie Pulsing, Heavy Cave Wind, Glass Harmonica, Strange Eerie Creature Calls
8002 Sci Fi Ambiences, Time Shifter, Dramatic Eerie Phasing Effects, Twisting Rips, Turbine Whine & Resonance, Space Press Stamping, Background Turbulence, Morlock Power, Engine Room Rumbles & Hums, Background Rumbles, Energy Pulses, Cargo Bay Howling, Saxophone Valve Chorus, Interplanetary Phasing, Warped Metallic Squeaks & Creaks, Wall of Scream, Black Scorpion Screeches, "Pit Creature" Snarls & Growls, Skullasorous Roaring & Growling, Alien & Large Creature Roars, Calls & Painful Screeches, Weird Monster Growl, Giant Water Python Prowling & Hissing, Space Dragon Roars, Spits & Hisses, Magic Dragonfly, Pterodactyl Roar, Avalanche Crash & Rumble, Sci Fi Battles, Battle Cruiser Approaches & Torpedo Fire, Chase Scenes, Data Transmission & Communications, Cyberspace Signals, Alien Transmissions, Computer Warning Signals & Tones, Space Shuttle Inflight & Crash FX, Docking & Space Thrusters, Space Ship Door Chimes, Hydraulic Hatches & Doors, Metal Space Doors, Air Lock Shuttle Doors, Docking Doors, Drones
8003 Earthquake, Volcano, Electricity, Power Zaps & Surges, Electro Zap Pass Bys, Electronic Miniaturizer, Turbo, Space Station & Engine Room Elevators, Energy Distortions & Bursts (for Appearing or Disappearing), Explosions, Flares, Tombstone Explosions, Battle Ship Phasers, Incoming Torpedo Explosions, Photon Energy Collisions, Explosions with Warbled Decay, Gas Flame Bursts, Space Craft or Object Fly Bys and Pass Bys, Magnetic Boots Walking, Robotic Footsteps, Constant Footsteps, Freezer Chamber Machine Hum, Laser Guns, Space Battle Cruiser Laser Shots, Laster Guns, Machine Guns, Hand Phasers, Ray Guns, Laser Shot Ricochets, Vintage Stun Guns, Robotic Heartbeats, Helicopter Hovers, Dry Ice Releases, Laser Beams, Robotic Lasers, Laser Disrupter, Meteor Pass By, Compressors & Motors, Telescopes, Hydraulic Servos & Motors, Space Shuttle Power Up & Down, Space Rips, Robotics, Scrambled Voice Clips, Alien Creature Breaking Out of Rock Pile, Scanner Sweeps, Drones & Tones, Radar, Sensor Sweeps, Servos, Sonar Beeps, Nebula Sonar, Electronic Sensor, Space Pod Release, Rocket Launches (Apollo 11, Titan Gemini, Saturn, Delta), Command Center Countdown, Space Shuttle FX, Control Tower Communications, Challenger Space Shuttle Communications & Launch
8004 Space Battle Cruisers, Space Station FX, Space Ships, TAC Fighters, Nestar Space Ships, Small Space Crafts, Space Simulators, Space Station Holding Rooms, Space Object Spins, Comical Liquid Gel Splats, Metal Squeaks, High Pitched Chatter Squeals, Sword Contacts & Swipes, Pulsating Synth Drone, Computer Telemetry FX & Ambience, Warning Signals, Torpedo Belt Ramp, Torpedo Loading, Vortex Churning, Weapon Discharger, Whooshes, Galaxy Wind, Alien Space Wind, Howling Ghost Winds, Fan Powered Wind Tunnel, Zips

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