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RAD 2 200 Science Fiction Eerie and Sci Fi Wave Forms

A unique collection of wireless effects.

Tune in this 2 CD collection whenever you need to contact the outer edge of this world ... or the next. Access 200 eerie and sci fi wave forms, pans, sweeps, phasers, communications, shimmers, bubbles, beeps, static, monsters & apparitions, like:

Space Monster Screams
Phaser Morph
Space Bells, Shimmering
Ringing Soundscape
Space Ribbon with Whine
Time Travel Reverb
Shuttle Craft Engine Room
Steady Bubble Gyro Delay
Alien Tractor Beam Sequence
Evil Diablo Wave
Vortex Entry
Single Ray Gun Blast
Rumbling Wind Whoosh
Solar Wind & Waves
Predatory Black Hole
Phaser Wave Boomerang
Electric Tubescape
Distorted Space Guitar
Fading Bubble Chirp
Galactic Spacescape Hum

And more...

Radioactive... Direct to you from the Stratosphere... And Sound Ideas


© 2001 Sound Ideas

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