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The Library 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
TL 6 500 General Great Starter Package

If you're in need of a versatile general sound effects collection at a reasonable price, The Library is just for you!   This six CD set of more than five hundred sound effects is a great starter package, or a perfect compliment to your own sound library.

The Library from Sound Ideas ... a great beginning to a professional finish!

Among the sounds available on The Library:

Airplanes, Jet Airplanes, Propeller
Airport, Control Tower Animals
Automobile Races, Dragsters Automobiles, General
Automobiles, Sports Cars Balloons, Hot Air
Bars & Pubs Basketball
Bells Bells, Door
Boats, Inboard Boats, Outboard
Boings Bowling
Buses, City Transit Buzzers
Cable Cars Cash Registers
Chimes, Wind Clocks, Alarm
Clocks, Stopwatch Computer Rooms
Construction Crowds, Applause
Crowds, Booing Crowds, Boxing
Crowds, General Doors
Electricity Factories
Grocery Store Sounds Hand Guns
Harbours & Ports Helicopters
Horns Household Sounds
Human Sounds Industrial Sounds
Junk Yards Lawn Mowers
Motorcycle Races Motorcycles
Office Sounds Oil Wells
Police Radios Power Plants
Printing Presses Restaurant Sounds
Rifles Roller Coasters
Sawmills Shot Guns
Sirens Stagecoaches
Swimming Telephones
Toilets Traffic, City
Traffic, Highway Trains
Typewriters Water Fountains
Water, in Cave Water, in Ocean
Waterfalls Whistles

The Library from Sound Ideas ...

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