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Drone Archeology 
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Drone Product Shot

Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
DRONE 1 99 Underscores Comprehensive Collection Of Drones

Drone Archeology:

This CD, produced by Ernest Cholakis of Numerical Sound, contains 99 stereo drones, ranging from 32 to 64 seconds in length. The drones are all steady in pitch, but have constant movement, thus they are never the same from one moment to the next. In order to aid multimedia and film production, the drones have been classified into seven categories as follows: Nature, Science, Drama, Industry, Voice, Bell and Drones.

Each drone is contemporary and original in nature, offering the film composer and musician an invaluable resource for creating soundtracks, sound beds, and sound design. Used as foundation material, these drones can be processed and transformed in any number of ways to assist the user in the development of their own unique sound.

Drone Archeology is the first audio CD to include a listing of the original stereo loop points. This gives the user CD ROM features in an audio CD platform. The 114 page user manual included with every CD contains a new harmonic classification system, insight into the structure of these complex tones, and other useful technical information.

Keyboard (USA) Magazine says:

"In a market crowded with me-too jungle and hip-hop CDs, sound developer Ernest Cholakis has come up with something as original as it is useful: a whole CD of electronic drone tones. ... Ambient artists will be in hog heaven, and the drones should work well for those ominous breaks in industrial rock, too - or even in acid and drum "n" bass. ... If I could give a soundware product an 11 for Documentation, this CD would win it! ... "An inspiring collection," Ernie concluded. "I found myself unable to stop singing or playing along with the drones." Not the kind of CD most of us will use in every project, but when you need it, there's no substitute. Definitely worth having on the shelf." Review by Jim Aikin

Electronic Musician Magazine says:

"Among the many hip sample CDs in today's market, there lurks an occasional gem that really excites me. Drone Archeology... My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the 111-page booklet and accompanying session worksheets included with the disc. I wanted to hug the producers. In the booklet, you get incredibly detailed explanations of every aspect of the drones. ... I just loved this disk. CD producers take note; this is how to do it right. Eminently musical and useful, presented with admirable forethought and enough detailed information to sate even the most sophisticated users, Drone Archeology is a hit. A big high five to Ernest Cholakis and Numerical Sound." Review by Jeff Obee

Note: C4 = middle C (261.6 Hertz)

Track Title Key
01 Inner Strength Eb1
02 Announcement G1
03 Deep Harmonic Wave E1
04 Nighttime In India G2
05 Solemn Procession D1
06 Funeral Pyre D1
07 Rolling Hills D3
08 Tampura Drone D3
09 Ancient Ruins D2
10 Hollow Ground E1
Nature Drones:
11 Heat Waves D1
12 Turbulence G1
13 Tropical Moisture A0
14 Sand Dunes D2
15 Descending Particles D3
16 Rolling Thunder Bass E1
17 Mystical Arctic Wind G1
18 Unstable Ground G1
19 Brilliant Colours D3
20 Earthquake Rumblings D1
21 Tropical Rainforest A0
22 Earth Vents E1
23 Mountain Winds B2
24 Oceanside Cliffs G1
25 Underwater Movement E1
26 Earth Rumblings D1
Science Drones:
27 Human Alienation C4
28 Intense Laser Light C2
29 Swirling Movement D1
30 NASA Solar Wind D1
31 NASA Solar Warnings E1
32 Gravitational Forces F2
33 Radiation C2
34 Biological Transformation B2
35 Massive Fusion Reaction E0
36 Extreme Cold A2
37 Cosmos G1
38 Spaceships Passing Eb3
39 Asteroid Movements D3
40 Fast Moving Particles C2
41 Starship Approaching C2
42 Aurora Borealis C2
43 Ultra High Temperatures C4
44 Cosmic Rays C2
Drama Drones:
45 Danger From Below E1
46 Rebirth C2
47 Almost Resolved E1
48 Painful Memories G1
49 Depression E1
50 Dreams E1
51 Confusion E1
52 At Peace E1
53 Tension E1
54 Bittersweet Resolution E1
55 Glimmer Of Hope E1
56 Wasteland E0
57 Close To Drastic Measure G2
58 Madness G2
59 Anguish G2
60 Day After The Conflict A1
Industry Drones:
61 Power A0
62 Drilling Through Rock A0
63 Drilling Through Metal C2
64 Laser Drilling E1
65 Underwater Engine G2
66 Motor Under A Platform C2
67 Cutting Through Metal C2
68 Welding Eb3
69 Cutting Through Wood C3
70 Outboard Motor A1
71 Primal Engine C1
72 Submarine Engine C2
73 Pouring Liquid Steel C2
Voice Drones:
74 Strong Voice "ah" E1
75 Strong Voice "ee" E1
76 Strong Voice "mm" E1
77 Strong Voice "no" E1
78 Strong Voice "oo" E1
79 Spirit Voice "ah" C2
80 Spirit Voice "ee" C2
81 Spirit Voice "mm" C2
82 Spirit Voice "no" C2
83 Spirit Voice "oo" C2
84 Full Voice "ah" G1
85 Distant Voice "ah" G1
86 Solid Voice "ah" A1
87 Solid Voice "ee" A1
88 Solid Voice "mm" A1
89 Solid Voice "no" A1
90 Solid Voice "oo" A1
91 Close Voice "ah" D2
92 Close Voice "ee" D2
93 Close Voice "mm" D2
94 Close Voice "no" D2
95 Close Voice "oo" D2
96 Meditation "ah" C2
Bell Drones:
97 Gong Whispers Gb2
98 Meandering Bells E2
99 Tibetan Tranquillity C1

Drone Archeology ....

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