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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
BBC 60 2240 General Limitless Resource

The BBC SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY gives you a limitless resource of sound. Meeting the highest industry standards, BBC offers a wide selection of sound effects recorded by BBC's top engineers. The complete 40 CD library comprises a full compliment of exterior atmospheres, household, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor, communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, equestrian events, livestock, agricultural machinery, horses, dogs, schools and crowds.

BBC 001 BBC Sound Effects
BBC 002 Exterior Atmospheres
BBC 003 Household
BBC 004 Interior Backgrounds
BBC 005 Transport
BBC 006 Animals & Birds
BBC 007 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps
BBC 008 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour
BBC 009 International
BBC 010 Communications
BBC 011 Water
BBC 012 British Birds
BBC 013 Industry
BBC 014 Cities
BBC 015 Natural Atmospheres
BBC 016 Cars
BBC 017 Sport & Leisure
BBC 018 Bang!
BBC 019 Electronically Generated Sounds
BBC 020 Weather I
BBC 021 Weather II
BBC 022 Ships & Boats I
BBC 023 Ships & Boats II
BBC 024 America
BBC 025 Aircraft
BBC 026 China
BBC 027 Babies
BBC 028 Hospitals
BBC 029 Africa: The Human World
BBC 030 Africa: The Natural World
BBC 031 Equestrian Events
BBC 032 Greece
BBC 033 Adventure Sports
BBC 034 Livestock I
BBC 035 Livestock II
BBC 036 Farm Machinery
BBC 037 Horses I
BBC 038 Horses II & Dogs
BBC 039 Schools & Crowds
BBC 040 Spain


The BBC Sound Effects Library, second edition, offers an astonishing variety of professional quality sound effects and ambiences from around the world, on 20 brand new CDs.
Included in this collection are:

- trains, steam transport and steam engines
- "do it yourself" handyman and construction sounds
- domestic cats and more British birds
- emergency services: burglar alarms, police, fire and ambulance sounds
- crowd ambiences
- everyday sounds from the surburbs
- two CDs of footsteps, and nine new CDs of international sounds and ambiences, from countries in Europe, Asia & South America

This new series from the BBC boasts 785 sound effects,
on the following CD titles:

BBC 041 Trains
BBC 042 The Age of Steam
BBC 043 D.I.Y. and Building
BBC 044 Cats
BBC 045 "Dial 999"
BBC 046 Istanbul
BBC 047 British Birds II
BBC 048 Crowds
BBC 049 Suburbia
BBC 050 France - Paris
BBC 051 London
BBC 052 Exterior Atmospheres II: British Rural Backgrounds
BBC 053 India and Nepal: City Life
BBC 054 India, Pakistan and Nepal: Countryside
BBC 055 Footsteps I
BBC 056 Footsteps II
BBC 057 Urban South America
BBC 058 Rural South America
BBC 059 Hungary
BBC 060 The Czech Republic and Slovakia

The BBC Sound Effects Library...

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