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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
AP 18 2000 General European Sounds

The AUDIO PRO EUROPEAN SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY , produced by Yannick Chevalier of Point 12, offers 18 CDs of an extraordinary variety of sounds: nature, animals, airplanes & airports, trains & stations, transportation, traffic, crowds & industry, leisure & entertainment, tools, offices, communications, cameras, household, clocks, roomtones, bells, sports, war, human solo, human groups, music samples, science fiction, cartoons, and footsteps. This library provides a wealth of well-recorded European sounds.

AP1 Sounds of Nature
AP2 Animals
AP3 Airplanes / Airport
AP4 Trains / Station
AP5 Transportation #1
AP6 Transportation #2
AP7 Traffic
AP8 Crowds / Industry
AP9 Leisure / Entertainment
AP10 Tools / Office / Cameras / Communications
AP11 Household
AP12 Household / Clocks / Tools
AP13 Very Quiet Atmospheres & Roomtones
AP14 Bells / Sports / War
AP15 Human: Solo
AP16 Human: Groups / Solo / Crowds
AP17 Music Samples / Science Fiction
AP18 Cartoon / Footsteps

The Audio Pro European Sound Effects Library...

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