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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
DI0 1 167 General Must Have FX

A super new CD of over 160 digitally recorded sound effects created by the recording professionals at DISNEY I.D.E.A.S. , the elite post-production facility on the backlots of the Disney MGM Studios in Florida. This is a must have CD of ambiences, animals, sports, transportation, machinery, cartoon sounds, and special effects.

Sound Effects Contained In The Disney i.d.e.a.s. CD:

1 Auto, Interior Int: Failed Start, Start Up, Idle, Shut Off
2 Auto, Hot Rod Ext: Start Up, Revs, Idle
3 Helicopter Ext: Approach and Circle Around
4 Monorail Ext: Pass by
5 Motorcycle Start Up, Idle, Pull Away
6 Boat, Paddle Wheel Running Steady
7 Siren, Police Wail Siren: Steady
8 Space, Rocket, Shuttle Space Shuttle: Launch
9 Train, Steam Steam Train Whistle
10 Truck, Horn Transport Truck Air Horn: Single Blast
11 Truck, Pickup Ext: Approach and Pass by Fast
12 Alligator Hissing and Growling in Water
13 American Kestrel Chirping
14 Dog, Large Large Dog: Barking and Growling
15 Dolphin Squeaking
16 Flamingo Flock of Flamingoes Vocalizing
17 Kookaburras Several Kookaburras Vocalizing
18 Tamarin Several Tamarin Monkeys Vocalizing
19 Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Squawking
20 Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Tail Rattling
21 Siamang Siamang Apes Hooting
22 Gun, Cannon Howitzer Artillery Cannon: Firing Sequence, Close Up
23 Bodyfall Fall on Wood Floor
24 Bodyfall Fall on Gravel
25 Bodyfall Fall on Dirt
26 Gun, Hand Gun Single Shot
27 Gun, Hand Gun Single Shot and Report
28 Truck, Humvee Am General Hummer: Int: Driving on Paved Road
29 Sci Fi Laser Gun: Single Blast
30 Punch, Body Body Hit Impact
31 Punch, Body Body Hit Impact
32 Gun, Rifle Single Shot
33 Gun, Rifle Single Shot
34 Gun, Shotgun Single Pump: Fast
35 Gun, Shotgun Single Pump: Slow
36 Gun, Shotgun Single Shot
37 Gun, Shotgun Single Shot
38 Sword Single Scrape
39 Sword Single Scrape
40 Sword Single Hit, Heavy
41 Sword Single Hit
42 Tank, Military Int: Pull Forward and Stop
43 Gun, Tank Military Tank Cannon: Single Shot
44 Arrow, Cartoon Arrow Impact and Vibrate
45 Arrow, Cartoon Arrow Impact and Vibrate
46 Click, Cartoon Single Click
47 Click, Cartoon Single Click
48 Click, Cartoon Single Click
49 Creak, Cartoon Short Creak
50 Creak, Cartoon Long Creak
51 Glass, Smash Small Glass Smash
52 Glass, Smash Small Glass Crash
53 Glass, Smash Small Glass Shatter
54 Hit, Cartoon Squishy Hit
55 Hit, Cartoon Smack
56 Hit, Cartoon Small Clink
57 Hit, Cartoon Small Clank
58 Hit, Cartoon Hollow Metallic Bang
59 Rumble Low, Heavy Rumble
60 Rumble, Cartoon Short Rolling Rumble
61 Rumble, Cartoon Short Rolling Rumble
62 Slide Whistle Down and Up, Fast
63 Slide Whistle Up, Slow
64 Slide Whistle Down, Fast
65 Slide Whistle Down and Up, Slow
66 Squish, Cartoon Wet Squish
67 Squish, Cartoon Wet Squish
68 Squish, Cartoon Grinding Squish
69 Squish, Cartoon Farting Squish
70 Whoosh, Cartoon Single, Quick, Low Whoosh
71 Whoosh, Cartoon Double Low Whoosh
72 Swish, Cartoon Single Quick Swish
73 Swish, Cartoon Many Rapid Swishes
74 Zip, Cartoon Quick, Grinding Zip
75 Zip, Cartoon Slow, Grinding Zip
76 Burp Short Belch
77 Burp Medium Belch
78 Burp Long Belch
79 Fart Short Fart
80 Fart Long Fart
81 Brushing Teeth Person Brushing Teeth
82 Cough, Male Smoker's Cough
83 Gasp Female Gasp
84 Grunt Male Grunt
85 Grunt Male Grunt
86 Laughter Male: Short Chuckle
87 Laughter Male: Short High Pitched Laugh
88 Sigh, Male Short Sigh
89 Snore, Male Snorty Snore
90 Spit Phlegm Spit
91 Vocal 'Hmmm?'
92 Vocal 'Huh!?'
93 Vocal 'What?'
94 Vocal 'Uhhh?'
95 Yell, Male Short Yell
96 Yell, Male Short Yell
97 Yell, Male Short High Pitched Yell
98 Alarm, Electronic Slow Electronic Beeping Alarm
99 Alarm, Electronic Fast Electronic Beeping Alarm
100 Alarm, Smoke Detector Smoke Detector Alarm Beeping
101 Camera 35 mm Automatic: Auto Focusing
102 Camera 35 mm Automatic: Auto Focusing
103 Camera 35 mm Automatic: Shutter Click
104 Computer, Personal Start Up, Run, Shut Down
105 Computer, Floppy Disk Insert Floppy Disk
106 Computer, Floppy Disk Eject Floppy Disk
107 Computer, Printer Dot Matrix Printer Running
108 Door, Wood Open
109 Door, Wood Close
110 Door, Garage Automatic Garage Door: Int: Open
111 Door, Latch Metal Latch: Slide Closed
112 Door, Latch Metal Latch: Slide Open
113 Match Strike Match and Ignite
114 Photocopier Large Photocopier Making Multiple Copies
115 Door, Sliding Patio Door: Slide Open
116 Door, Sliding Patio Door: Slide Closed
117 Toilet, Residential Flush
118 Water, Drip Single Water Drop
119 Water, Pour Water Pouring Lightly on Sand
120 Applause Indoor: Small Crowd, Short Applause
121 Applause, Cheering Indoor: Large Crowd, Rowdy Applause and Cheering
122 Ball, Plastic Bouncing Plastic Ball on Hard Surface
123 Playground, Children Children Playing Basketball on Outdoor Court
124 Billiards Hit Break Shot, Ball Goes Into Pocket
125 Bowling General Ambience in Bowling Alley Close to Lanes
126 Golf Swing Club, No Ball
127 Golf Metal Titanium Driver, Hit Ball
128 Golf Metal Titanium Driver, Hit Ball
129 Horseshoe Pit Horseshoe Hitting Stake
130 Horseshoe Pit Horseshoe Hitting Dirt
131 Auto, Race Indy Style: Single Car Race by on Straight
132 Skeet Shoot Launch Skeet
133 Skeet Shoot Ambience At Skeet Shoot Competition; Gunfire, Voices
134 Baseball Softball: Hit Ball with Aluminum Bat
135 Tennis Single Tennis Ball Hit
136 Tennis Single Tennis Ball Bounce
137 Chainsaw Gas Chainsaw Running
138 Dumbwaiter Electric Dumbwaiter: Int: Run Up, Stop
139 Dumbwaiter Electric Dumbwaiter: Int: Start, Run Down, Stop
140 Jack Hammer Single Jack Hammer Hammering
141 Hydraulic, Industry Hydraulic Machine Operating
142 Hydraulic, Industry Hydraulic Machine Operating
143 Motor, Industry Large Industrial Motor Running
144 Pile Driver Pile Driver Driving Steel Girder
145 Router, Electric Start, Rout, Shut Off
146 Sander, Electric Large Industrial Sander
147 Steam Steam Valve Hissing
148 Saw, Table Table Saw in Workshop: Start, Make Cut, Shut Off
149 Airport, Ambience General Ambience Near Security Check, P. A., Crowds
150 Cafeteria, Restaurant Medium Cafeteria Crowd
151 Construction, Ambience General Ambience At Construction Site: Heavy Machinery
152 Hotel, Lobby General Ambience in Large Hotel Lobby
153 Industry, Ambience General Ambience in Large Machine Room
154 Ocean, Waves Waves Coming in on Shore Line; Medium Surf
155 Park, City Park Ambience: Children Yelling and Playing; Distant Traffic Rumble
156 School, Yard, Crowd Busy High School Crowd in Large Covered Courtyard
157 Residential, Night Evening Ambience in Suburbs: Crickets, Distant Traffic
158 Swamp, Ambience Various Birds and Insects
159 Station, Train Ambience in Main Hall; Medium Crowd

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