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Sonic Science
Sonic Science Inc. has again raised the bar with the introduction of Sonic Boon Foley Footsteps (Winter), an all new 48 KHz, 24-bit sound effect library. This format is the minimum standard for all new Sonic Boon libraries!

Why winter footsteps? We're Canadian, and we know winter! So we developed this with a focus on real winter situations. That means real snow, real surfaces and real footwear. Over 1700 winter effects all digitally recorded and edited at a sample rate of 48 Khz 24-bits. The entire library was recorded on a foley stage wet room, by bringing the facility temperature down to 5C (42F) and loading the stage with real Canadian winter snow.

All tracks were recorded in Dual Mono with the exception of the "fresh snow" tracks, which were recorded in single mono with an extra "crunch" track added on track 2. By varying the relative level between tracks 1 & 2, you can create infinitely variable depths of snow and perceived proximity to the footsteps.

The end result is a footstep collection that has incredible frequency response, a low noise floor, and a unique feel that will quickly make it one of your essential sound collections.

The library comes in a 2 CD Redbook Audio CD format.





















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