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580 Wind & Air Movement Effects that will blow you away!

BLOW TOOLS is a 12-CD sound effects library containing over 700 minutes of winds! The incredible variety of sounds provided allows you to create effects for any type of wind or air movement, including tunnels, air locks, ducts, objects falling or moving through air, and horror/sci-fi background effects. Each digitally recorded effect is clean and ready to use. All wind elements can be used alone or layered to create a custom mood or environmental texture.

WINDS: Of the 263 Blow Tools winds, 239 are "perfect loops." Each of these sounds can be extended just by copying and pasting end-to-end with itself. Optional ramps in and out are provided for 9 of the wind loops; to create a start or stop, simply copy and paste the ramp onto the loop. Short, medium and long ramp lengths are provided. The wind effects that are not pre-looped grow out of silence with ramps of varying length, then crescendo to full intensity and decrease to silence again.

SHORT DURATION AIR MOVEMENT EVENTS: BLOW TOOLS includes 88 shorter blowing effects of amplitude variation, including flurries, gusts and quick bursts. These are useful for effects suggesting sudden changes of air pressure such as a door opening, magic, or just where a quick gust or accent is needed.

SWOOSHES: BLOW TOOLS includes 175 individual Swooshes of 34 different types. Swooshes are short-duration effects that feature dramatic movement and motion. These are useful for sweetening things like shooting arrows, bullwhips, baseballs, or any objects that move through air. They're also great for promo and commercial accents.
























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