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The latest sound effect library from Sonic Boon, the same people who brought you The Works and Dynamic Range, Paradise showcases the full island experience.

Primarily recorded on the island of Montserrat only weeks before the devastating eruption, this collection captures for eternity, the beauty and mystique of this tiny oasis in the South Caribbean.

Listen to the language of island commerce in the markets, or sit outside a church at dusk while a song from a children's choir drifts out from the open door. Journey into the rainforest and hear the birds in the high canopy, or the unique sound of bamboo stalks creaking in the wind.

If you're brave, you can hike up the mountain and peer into one of the many vents from the very volcano that is destined to erupt and blanket the island with a suffocating layer of ash. Rest your legs on the back porch at Olveston House and listen to the sounds of the countryside but make sure you are under cover when it starts to thunder and rain. Cool off beside one of the many waterfalls and listen to the sound of water hitting the pools after descending, in some cases, more than one hundred feet! Explore caves in behind the falls, or make waves with a text book cannonball!

Speaking of waves, before you leave, a walk along the beach is mandatory. Let the sizzling surf wash over your toes, but get out of the way when it crashes into the rocks. Don't get too close, because you might find yourself underwater listening to the clicking of the coral or the bubbles from your scuba.

Remember your journey with this 5 CD library that brings the sounds of nature together. From the lost jungles of Montserrat to the lush waterfalls of Trinidad, Paradise transports the magic of distant lands home.



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