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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
Vol #1 & Vol #2 2 1300 General SFX & Music Files For Multimedia

Sound Effects and Music for Multimedia

What's on SFX on CD ROM, Volume 1?

300 digitally recorded sound effects for multimedia PC applications. It operates on Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extension 1.0, or on Windows 3.1. For maximum flexibility, sounds are provided in 4 wave file formats and CD Audio at 44.1 K 16 bit.


22.05 kHz / 8 bit mono
22.05 kHz / 16 bit mono
22.05 kHz / 8 bit stereo
22.05 kHz / 16 bit stereo

A user friendly search program is included.

You'll discover a bevy of animal sounds, hilarious comedy boinks, whistles and musical accents, planes, trains and automobiles, guns and explosions, great space effects and wind, rain and thunder - and much, much more.

SFX on CD ROM: Volume #1 - 300 Sound Effects:

Vintage & Jet Airplanes, Air Regulator, Alarms, Animals & Creatures, Auto Starts, Stops, Crashes, Skids, Squeals, Dragsters & Races, Bells, Birds, Boat, Bottle FX, Bus, Buzzer, Cable Car, Cameras, Chain Saws, Clocks, Crashes, Comedy Bonks, Boings & Horn, Comedy Laughs, Music & Pop, Comedy Trumpet, Whistles, Witch, & Yells, Construction Tools & Machines, Crowds, Dentist Drill, Doorbell & Doors, Door FX, Electricity, Explosions, Fire Sounds, Fire Engines & Extinguishers, Fireworks, Flashpot, Male & Female Footsteps, Frying, Geiger Counter, Guns & Ricochets, Heartbeat, Helicopters, Horns, Horror Music & FX, Household Cans, Human Sounds, Industry Machines & Ambiences, Indian Drums, Jet Ski, Jungle FX, Knife, Lawn Mower, Microphone, Motorcycles, Morse Code Signals, Musical Instruments & Rhythms, Noisemakers, Office Machines & Ambience, Spray Paint, Pinball Machine, Projectors, Time Clock Punch, Cloth Rip, Rope, Slot Machines, Space Ships & Doors, Space Pings & Lasers, Sports FX, Stampede, Steam, Stereo CD Players & Turntable, Stone FX, Suction Cup, Swords, Synthesizers, Tape Recorder FX, Telephones, Ticket Dispenser, Toboggan, Toilet, Tool Belt, Trains, Falling Tree, Radio Tuning, Umbrella, Video Cassette Recorders, Volcano, Water & Underwater FX, Weather, Whistles, Wrench, Zipper

What's on SFX on CD ROM, Volume 2?

1,000 digitally recorded sound effects and music files for multimedia PC applications. It operates on Windows 3.0 with the Multimedia Extension 1.0, or Windows 3.1, or Windows 95. The sounds are provided in 2 wave file formats.


22.05 kHz at 8 bit mono
22.05 kHz at 16 bit stereo

A user friendly search program is included.

Hundreds of more great sound effects and now music have been specially selected for this CD ROM to help make your productions Sound Incredible!

SFX on CD ROM: Volume #2 - 1,000 Sound Effects & Music Tracks:

Adding Machine, Air Regulator, Jet & Prop Airplanes, Alarms, Animals, Anvils, Auto Starts, Backfires, Doors & Horns, Corvette FX, Auto Races, Autos Spinning Tires in Snow, Axe Chops, Balloon Taps, Battles, Beeps & Beepers, Bell Tree FX, Bells, Birds, Bottle FX, Bubble FX, Bucket Kicks, Bus FX, Buzzer, Camera, Can FX, Playing Card FX, Cash Registers, Casino Ambience, Cave Ambience, Chain & Pulley, Chainsaw, Rocking Chair, Christmas Street Scene, 19th Century City, City Traffic FX, Clocks, Coin FX, Comedy Accents, Computer Beeps, Keyboard Sounds, Mouse Clicks & Tape Drive FX, Crashes, Creaks, Crowds, Curtains, Dishes at Dining Room Table, Dishwasher, Doors, Locks, Doorbells, Drawers, Drums, Electronic Data Display, Freight Elevator, Explosions, Farm Animals in Barnyard, Fire FX, Flame Thrower, Male & Female Footsteps, Forklifts, Service Center Garage Ambience, Garbage Cans, Garburator, Gas Pump, Gavel, Glass Clinks & Smashes, Gongs, Gramophones, Stone Grinding, Guns, Cannons & Silencers, Handcuffs, Heart Monitors, Helicopter, Auto Hoists, Horns, Horror FX, Horse Races, Hot Air Balloon Burner Blast, Ice Cube FX, Impact Wrench, Jungle Ambience, Steam Kettle, Keys, Locks, Mailbox Lids, Metal Impacts, Motorcycles, Office Ambience, Paper Tearing, Parade Ambience, Pencil Sharpener, Pepper Mill, Piano FX, Rubber Stopper, Plunger, Police & Accident Ambience, Projectors, Rain, Refrigerator Doors, Rock Tumbles, Rollerblades, Safe Doors, Table Saws, Interior Ship Rumble, Sirens, Slot Machine, Special FX, Sports, Squeaks, Stapler, Switches, Telephones, Teletype, Thunder, Toaster, Toilet, Tractor Pull, Traffic, Typewriter, Water & Underwater FX, Whip, Wind, Wood Impact

Plus: More than 80 Music Tracks - Background & Classical Music in a wide variety of categories, Dramatic Stingers & Logos, Harp Glisses & Chords, News Stingers, Stabs, Underscores & Mini Beds, Timpani Fanfares, Heart Beats, Rolls & Rhythms, and Traffic, Weather & Sports Stingers

SFX on CD ROM, Volumes 1 & 2 ...

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