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IN 28 2540 General Renowned Collection of 13 Categories

The renowned International Sound Effects Library has now undergone a complete digital re-mastering, under the careful supervision of Sound Ideas - utilizing the original tape masters. This comprehensive collection features a diverse selection of more than 2,500 sound effects on 28 CDs - more than 35 hours of recorded sound.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an historical library, reproduced from tape archives.  As such, the quality may not match that of contemporary CDs.  However, the wide variety of vintage effects makes The International Library a valuable and unique collection.

Included In This Collection:

Animals 3 CDs
Business 2 CDs
Civic 1 CD
Domestic 1 CD
Entertainment 1 CD
Gimmicks 1 CD
Humans 5 CDs
Machinery 2 CDs
Nature 1 CD
Ranch 1 CD
Sport 3 CDs
Transportation 6 CDs
War 1 CD

The International Sound Effects Library ...

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