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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
AR 2 530 Studio + Stadium Audiences Applause, Laughter & Cheering
These two jam-packed CDs contain more than 500 audience reactions - just what you need for sitcom post-production and multimedia applications! Audience Reactions, from Sound Ideas, is a unique collection with a vast amount of studio audience material, complimented by larger arena & sports stadium crowds, and by children's reactions.


AR-01: Small & Medium Sized Studio Audiences
Large Stadium Crowds
Standing Ovations
Cheers & Whistles
Male & Female Applause
Rhythmic Clapping in Unison
Stomping & Clapping
Applause & Cheers
Surges of Applause
Whistling & Foot Stomping
‘Bravo!', ‘Encore!' & ‘Yea!'
Rowdy Cheering
AR-02: Small & Medium Sized Studio Audiences
Large Stadium Crowds
Studio Audience of Children
Booing & Hissing
Angry Yelling
Laughter & Applause
Sympathetic Reactions
Male & Female Laughter & Applause
Amazed Reactions
Thoughtful & Surprised Reactions
Relief & Disappointed Reactions
Disgusted Reactions
Hecklers & Shushes
Positive & Negative Reactions
Reactions of Disbelief
Shocked & Surprised Reactions
Trumpet Fanfare & ‘Charge!'
Happy New Year Countdown
Screams: Fear, Panic & Adoration
Children's Reactions

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