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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
SP 2 165 Racing All Kinds of Vehicles

You're off to the races with the brand new Sound Ideas Speed Series: the fastest way to bring the high octane of rolling thunder races to life, from start ... to checkered flag finish!

Speed captures the action, and puts you in the thick of it. High powered and fully charged, turbo-powered, and high performance ... two compact discs, with 165 sizzling FX that just can't get any faster!

And best of all, there's lots of variety:

idles, engine revs and shifting gears
single car pass bys
pass bys and races between two or more cars
straightaways, curves, and hairpin turns
dragster burn outs
race, announcement and crowd ambience
pit crew ambience
tire garage ambience
starting and finish line sounds

Speed provides everything you need to get your motor running!

CART Indy Cars
Indy Lights Series Cars
Formula Atlantic Series Cars
Vintage Formula One Cars
Offroad Desert Racers
Go Cars
Funny Cars
Monster Trucks
NASCAR Stock Cars
World Sports Car Series
GTS Series Cars
FIA GT Series
Motorcycles (several types)

The Speed SFX Library...

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