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Sound Ideas 13000 Series
Series 13,000 Ship Shape
Cargo, Luxury & Military Vassels
6 CD Audio   354 SFX
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Series 13,000 Ship Shape

A 6 CD collection of more than 300 effects, Ship Shape steams ahead with a full fleet of freighters, luxury ocean liners and other large vessels. Take to the high seas with cargo ships, barges, tug boats, an ice breaker, state-of-the-art naval frigates, a World War II PT boat, hydrofoils, large fishing vessels, trawlers and cruise ships. Also included are a wide variety of engine room, anchor and equipment sounds and backgrounds, plus a full selection of ocean wave and harbour ambiences.

Here's a sample of Ship Shape's contents:

Diesel Engine Lake Barge
Twin Engine Fire Boat
Ocean Fishing Trawler
Large Passenger
Ice Breaker
Vintage PT
Boat Passenger
Cruise Ship
Steam Powered Cargo Freighter
State-of-the-Art Naval Frigate

Plus - a great selection of other related sounds: Anchors Lift Bridges Ship Doors, Hatches & Horns Ship Telegraphs, Teletypes & Morse Code Ocean Wave Ambiences

Series 13,000 Ship Shape...

sounds incredible

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