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Sound Ideas Audience Reactions II 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
AR 2 507 Theater + Studio Audiences Vocal + Emotional Reactions

An Encore Presentation!

We've received so much applause with the release of Audience Reactions that we just had to offer a return engagement! Audience Reactions II features a wide range of responses from fresh new audiences: live theatre, various studio groups - and more children too. With a generous mixture of crowds, just male or just female audiences, and groups of children of different ages, Audience Reactions II offers applause, cheering, anger and booing, laughter, screams, and a full palette of vocal and emotional reactions from many different sets of voices.

Reserve your seat in the audience today - Audience Reaction II is ready to strut its stuff in sitcoms, multimedia, and post-production of all kinds.

Jam packed with more than 500 effects, these two CDs ring with genuine ovations and responses - your ticket to providing professional performances.


AR-03: Medium Sized Studio Audiences
Standing Ovation & Re-Seating
Cheers & Whistles
Male & Female Applause
Rhythmic Clapping in Unison
Applause & Cheers
Surges of Applause
Rowdy Cheering
'Surprise!', 'Hip, Hip, Hooray!'
'Charge!', 'Go Team Go!'
Sympathetic & Disappointed Reactions
Excited & Disbelief Reactions
Frightened, Panic and Horror Screams
Chanting 'Hell No, We Wont Go'
Laughter & Applause
Booing & Hissing
Angry Yelling, Disgruntled and Riotous
AR-04: AR 04 Small Sized Studio Audiences
Male Only & Female Only Reactions
Studio Audience of Children
Booing & Hissing
Angry Yelling
Laughter & Applause
Sympathetic Reactions
Male & Female Laughter & Applause
Surprised Reactions
Shocked Gasps, Relief & Disappointed Reactions
Disgusted Reactions
Hecklers & Shushes
Positive & Negative Reactions
Shocked & Surprised Reactions
Happy New Year Countdown
Screams: Fear, Panic & Adoration
Children's Reactions
Chant 'Go Team Go' & 'De-Fence'
'Hip Hip Hooray'

The Audience Reactions II Sound Effects Series ...

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