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Sound Ideas Just Birds & Animals 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
JBA 2 300 Birds & Animals Wild & Domestic Species

Introducing ... the Just Birds & Animals Series. Two brand new fully digital CDs - an outstanding mini collection of isolated individual bird and animal species, plus a variety of key ambiences and backgrounds. And these CDs are just the beginning - look for future releases to expand the range and depth of this true-to-life series of wild and domestic species from all over the world.

Here's what you'll find on Just Birds and Animals, CDs #1 and #2:

JBA 01

01-05 Alligator Baby / Adult Alligator: Calling / Growl and Hissing
06-07 Barn, Ambience Barn Ambience: Ext: Large / Small Group of Goats and Sheep, Foot Movement
08-09 Bats Small / Large Group of Bats: Flying Around / Wing Flapping
10-23 Bear Black Bear: Single Roar / Growling / Snarl and Roar / Chewing and Licking, Close Perspective / Single Breath
24-28 Bees Beehive: Heavy Buzzing, Close Perspective / Forest Background / Single Bee Buzzing
29-30 Bird, Ambience Large Flock of Herons and Storks Vocalising / Heavy Chirping / City Background
31-32 Bird, Blackbird Various Chirping Calls, Light Forest Background
33 Bird, Budgie Budgie: Int: Single Call / Chirping
34 Bird, Chachalaca Chachalaca: Close Calls, Light Forest Background
35 Bird, Chickadee Mountain Chickadee: Single Call / Chirping
36-39 Bird, Chicken Scream with Wing Flap / Small Group: Constant Calls / Nervous Chickens & Baby Chicks Running Around / Clucking, Rustling / Heavy Vocals, Ground Movement
40-42 Bird, Cockatoo Goffins Cockatoo: Loud Screeching Calls / Calling
43 Bird, Crow Black Crow: Fly by with Two Calls
44 Bird, Dove Rock Dove: Constant Cooing
45 Bird, Duck Mallard Duck: Single Call / Constant Calling
46-47 Bird, Eagle Wedge-tailed Eagle: Constant Loud Calling
48 Bird, Falcon Peregrine Falcon: Short Constant Calls
49-51 Bird, Flamingo Single Call / Short / Large Group of Calls / Ambience
52-54 Bird, Forest Morning / Afternoon Forest Ambience: Close and Distant Birds / Insects, Birds, Loons, Occasional Fly By
55-58 Bird, Geese Hawaiian / Canada Geese: Small / Large Group Calling, Flying Away / Taking Flight Overhead
59 Bird, Hawk Harris Hawk / Ferruginous Hawk: Single Call
60 Bird, Hummingbird Close Perspective, Heavy Wing Flapping and Calls
61 Bird, Killdeer Single Call / Constant Calling
62 Bird, Loon Single Call / Small Group, Constant Chorus
63-64 Bird, Macaw Int: Two Calls / Constant Calling / Screeching
65-67 Bird, Mockingbird Northern Mockingbird: Single Short Call / Various Short Calls / Constant Calling
68 Bird, Owl Eurasian Eagle Owl: Short Single Call
69-70 Bird, Parrot Constant Calls / Parrots Calling in A Pet Store
71 Bird, Peacock Peacock Calling
72-73 Bird, Pigeon Pigeon Coop: Medium Group Cooing , Wings Flapping
74-75 Bird, Residential Residential or Park Ambience: Heavy Chirping, City Background
76-77 Bird, Rooster Farm Rooster: Single Call
78-79 Bird, Seagulls Large Flock of Ocean Seagulls Calling
80-81 Bird, Sparrow Tree / Lark Sparrow: Single Call / Constant Calling
82 Bird, Starling Starling: Constant Calling
83-84 Bird, Sun Conure Two Sun Conures Calling
85 Bird, Turkey Single Turkey Call
86-87 Bird, Vulture Single Vulture Hiss / Small Group Taking Off
88 Bird, Warbler Yellowthroat Warbler: Calling
89 Bird, Whippoorwill Single Call / Constant Calling
90 Bird, Wing Flap Large Bird: Intense Wing Flapping
91 Bird, Woodpecker Acorn Woodpecker: Calls / Background
92-95 Bird, Wren Single Call / Short Multiple / Ambience, Reverberant
96 Bird, Yellowthroat Common Yellowthroat: Single Call / Calling
97-99 Cat, Domestic Light Meow / Purring / Licking / Angry Hiss and Spit

JBA 02

01-06 Country, Day / Night Country Ambience: Heavy Cicadas, Distant Birds / Crickets / Steady Insects
07-08 Cricket Cricket: Single Chirp / Constant Chirping / Background Insects
09-12 Dolphin Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin: Calling / Small Group / Underwater Communication
13 Donkey Donkey Braying, Some Movement
14-15 Elephant Elephant Trumpet / Herd: Small Indoor Group Roaring
16 Fish, Piranha Large Group, Feeding Frenzy, Splashing
17-18 Fly Single House Fly: Heavy Buzzing / At Window / Around Microphone
19-22 Frog Great Basin Spadefoot Toad: Single Call / Chorus Ambience / Group Croaking
23 Goat Single Kid Call / Two Goats: Barn Interior, Baby Chicks
24 Gorilla Large Gorilla Hooting
25-29 Horse Single Horse Whinny / Horse Snort / Heavy Breathing, Chewing on Bit
30-31 Insect Heavy Insect Infestation / Single Katydid Shaking / Buzzing
32-35 Jaguar Black Jaguar: Growl / Snarl / Snap / Roaring Lunge
36-37 Jungle, Day / Night Central America: Afternoon / Evening Ambience
38-39 Leopard Single / Constant Roaring / Snow Leopard: Single Call
40-42 Lion Lion: Single Roar / Indoor, Reverberant / Snap and Growl
43 Marsh, Ambience Early Morning: Heavy Mixture of Frogs, Birds and Insects
44-47 Monkey Howler Monkeys: Small Group, Grunting / Marmoset: Squealing / Screeches
48-55 Penguin Emperor: Constant Calls / Single Short / Long Call / Aggressive Lunge At Microphone / Humboldt / Magellanic: Braying
56-57 Pig Pig Grunting and Snorting in Pen / Screaming and Squealing
58 Prairie Dog Prairie Dog Chirping
59-66 Sea Lion Single Roar / Distant Yelling / Constant Vocalising / Talking / Barking, Some Short Growls / Group Barking / Adults and Babies
67-69 Sea Otter Asian Small Clawed: Squealing & Calling / California Sea Otter: Heavy Snuff
70-72 Seal Northern Fur Seal: Single Bark / Small / Medium Group Calling and Barking
73 Snake, Rattle Rattlesnake: Rattling
74-75 Squirrel Chickaree: Single Call / Close / Distant
76-77 Tiger Bengal Tiger: Single Roar / Growling and Chewing
78-83 Walrus Female / Male Pacific Walrus: Single / Two Roars / Vocalising / Nose Blow / Quick Spit
84-86 Whale, Beluga Single / Two Beluga Whale: Vocalisation
87-90 Whale, Humpback Single Blast From Blowhole / Exhale and Inhale / Underwater Communication
91-95 Whale, Killer Constant Clicking Call / High Pitched Calls and Blowhole Blasts / Spitting, Squealing / Underwater Communication
96-98 Whale, Pilot Vocalising / Constant High Pitched Call / Spitting
99 Whale, Sperm Underwater Ambience

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