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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
LTL 5 750 General Larger Than Life Sounds

The Larger Than Life SFX Library is an astounding collection of awesome audio effects. We're talking BIG - explosions, gunfire, thunder, horror, crashes, bangs, ...and much more! Created by Sound Dogs, one of hollywood's most elite production teams, these sound effects are undiluted and full strength.

LTL 1 Air, Jet Airplanes (747, 737, F-14), Prop Airplanes, Airport Control Tower, Archery, Arrow Impacts, Arrows Hitting Dirt Targets, Flaming Arrows, Augers
LTL 2 Autos (Austin Mini, BMW 325i, Buick, Grand Am, GTO, Mustang, Viper, Ram Truck), Auto Impacts, Rolls, Skids & Crashes, Steamboat Engine Room, Steamboat Whistles, Bodyfalls, Bone Breaks, Flesh Rips & Stabs, Crashes & Crunches, Metal Crashes, Electricity & Zaps, Bank Vault Explosions, Office Explosions, Boulder Explosions, Building Demolition, Electric Fan Blades, Feedback, Fire, Explosive Flame Bursts, Multiple Flame Bursts, Flame Throwers, Flagpole Flag & Rope Flapping, Glass Smashes, Hand Guns (Colt 45 & Colt 44 Black Powder), Rifles
LTL 3 Body Hits, Body Punch Impacts, Face Hits, Squish Hits, Solid Squish Impacts, Men on Horseback, Industrial Machines, Metal Crashes, Steel Girders Falling, Metal Hits, Impacts & Falls, Metal Junk Hits, Anvil Hits, Metal Jolts & Rattles, Metal Rivet Impacts, Metal Slides
LTL 4 Heavy Radio Static Sparks, Rocket & Space Ship Blast Offs, Wind Sails, Laser Shots, Sci Fi Whooshes, Space Object Whooshes, Power Surges, Space Zaps, Drone Whooshes, Witchcraft Effects, Space Thunder, Rumbles & Whooshes, Space Demons, Electrical Storms, Metallic Ripples, Subsonic Ice Bursts, Snowboards, Industrial Furnace with Steam Blasts, Submarines, Subpods, Sword Fights, Sword Hits, Sword Clanks, Light Sabers
LTL 5 Sherman Tanks, Tank Turrets, Telemetry, Torpedo Firings, Train Crashes, Freight Trains, Steam Trains, Volcano Eruptions, Water Geysers, Thunder Strikes, Sub Sonic Thunder Rumbles, Scene Change Whooshes, Flaming Whooshes, Gusty & Fluttering Winds, Winter Storms, Mountain Winds, Wood Impacts

The Larger Than Life Sound Effects Library...

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