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Wild World of Animals 
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Series Number of CD's Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
WWA 10 850 Animals Rare, hard to capture animal sounds

Wild World of Animals features rare, hard-to-capture sounds on 10 CDs with over 850 effects. Everything from aquatic animals (sharks, whales, dolphins, walruses), wild animals (buffalo, alligators, elephants, snakes, tigers, pandas), and birds & insects to domestic animals (cattle, goats, dogs, cats) plus an entire CD of horses!

CD CD Title Includes:
01 Wild Animals I Buffalo, Camel, Elephant, Elk, Giraffe, Impala, Moose, Panda, Rhino, Wildebeest, Zebra
02 Wild Animals II Bear, Bobcat, Cougar, Leopard, Lion, Ocelot, Panther, Tiger, Wildcat, Jackal, Wolf
03 Wild Animals III Chimp, Gorilla, Monkey, Orangutan, Bat, Rabbit, Agouti, Rat, Frog, Alligator, Crocodile, Snake, Locust, Bee, Fly, Mosquito
04 Aquatic Animals I Dolphin, Sea Lion, Seal, Walrus, Shark, Whale
05 Aquatic Animals II Whales
06 Birds I Birds in Many Environments: Amazon, Belize, North America
07 Birds & Insects I Birds in Many Environments: Residential, Rural, Africa; Crickets, Cicadas
08 Birds & Insects II Marsh and Jungle Ambiences from Around the World
09 Domestic Animals I Cattle, Donkey, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Dog, Cat
10 Horses I Horses: Many Gaits on Various Surfaces

The Wild World of Animals Series...

1999 Hollywood Sound Factory

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