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We are proud to present a CD of great sound effects from the classic cartoons and Super Heroes of the 60s and 70s. This collection of over 350 priceless sound effects, many of which have not been heard or used in more than twenty-five years, has been digitally remastered to create the newest addition to the Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library.

Just like the rest of the collection, many of these timeless sounds have been produced by legends in the business like Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, and sound designers Greg Watson and Pat Foley. With roots that date back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the MGM Studios of the 1930s, these sound effects truly reflect the efforts of some of the most creative talents of the modern era.

HB05 - Basketball, Bites, Cameras, Crashes, Crowds, Explosions, Flame Throwers, Footsteps, Growls, Hits, Bulb Horns, Laughter, Magic, Pops, Rattles, Sci Fi Sounds, Splats, Squeaks, Cockpit Switches, Voices

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