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Sound Ideas is proud to present the Amadeus Sound Effects Library, produced by the Saul Zaentz Film Center. This outstanding collection of audio from the Oscar-winning film offers a deep selection of applause, audience walla, horse and carriage effects, human voice, theatrical effects, and a host of other sound effects that re-created the 18th century world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

But wait .... there's more! The Amadeus Sound Effects Library also comes with a bonus CD containing some of the very best sound effects from the Saul Zaents Film Center. With hundreds of great general and feature film effects, the Best of Saul Zaents CD offers a little bit of everything.

Amadeus and The Best of Saul Zaentz - movie magic brought to you by Sound Ideas.

Oscar Winning Feature Film SFX
5 CD Audio 885 SFX