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Sounds of war

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The Sounds of War Sound Effects Collection

Have you ever wished that you could include these evocative sounds in your productions :

- A Hurricane fighter with its straining Rolls Royce Merlin engine taking off from a forward strip in the Battle of Britain

- The heavy fire of an armoured assault as Panzer Grenadiers, firing machine pistols and flame throwers in support of the Waffen-SS assaulting the forward positions

- Stukas screaming down on zig-zagging convoys while Royal Naval gunners throw up a constant wall of anti-aircraft fire
- Flying Fortresses thundering down their runways, desperately hauling their full bombloads into the air and heading for the industrial heartland of Hilter's Germany

- Boots on cobblestones as British Infantrymen fight through northern France

- The crack of rifle fire and the rattle of heavy machine guns as German defenders put up a desperate defence, before being overrun by Allied tanks in support of a common cause?

Sounds of War - an authentic and historic gallery of period audio - single weapon, equipment and tank sound clips, aircraft sounds and effects, short scenario ambiences and full battle sequences (including an aerial attack, dogfights and an armoured assault). this unique one-off collection is now available on CD - it's your chance to own a complete World War II sound effects archive.

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