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Just Boom Trax
Low Frequency Effects for 5.1 Productions
2 CD Audio & 2 DVD ROM 257 SFX
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Specifically designed as a sweetener for use in the sub-woofer channel when mixing surround sound productions, Just Boom Trax offers more than 250 tracks of real life, fantasy and utility sound effects, all at low frequencies that allow the audience to feel the sound.

Lower the boom and dig deep. Just Boom Trax enhances the depth and impact of your audio with a versatile toolbox of low frequency growls, impacts, hums, booms, throbs, rolls and drones.

Just Boom Trax contains a host of sounds drawn from real life -

- aircraft carriers, jets & helicopters
- boats, ships & submarines
- automobiles, races & crashes
- trains, trucks & motorcycles
- animal growls, footsteps & cries
- human hits & bodyfalls
- thunder, wind, earthquakes, avalanches & volcanoes
- weapons and military battles
- construction, crashes & hits
- explosions and impacts
- doors, industrial & motor sounds, stampedes and the space shuttle's sonic boom.

And there's more ...

Just Boom Trax also offers sci fi and fantasy tracks, a set of oscillator tones, low frequency white and pink noise, and a selection of drum hits and synth accents - an extra group of audio goodies for your low frequency toolbox.
- 2 CDs of Red Book Audio and 2 DVD ROM discs of multi-formatted low frequency effects. This collection offers the following six multimedia formats:

- 44.1 K 16 bit - in both wav and AIFF formats
- 48 K 16 bit - in both wav and AIFF formats
- 48 K 24 bit - in both wav and AIFF formats

No doubt about it, Just Boom Trax has lots of variety and maximum boom.