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Just Birds & Animals II
Lots More Wildlife for Your Productions!
2 CD Audio 346 SFX
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Just Birds & Animals II - the second pair of CDs in the Sound Ideas audio ark - features another selection of animals, birds and natural settings from around the world:

-   baboons, chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, lemurs, monkeys
    and orangutans,
-   lions, tigers and bears,
-   buffalo, elk, horses and moose
-   cows, donkeys, pigs and sheep
-   hippos, hyenas, jaguars, rhinos and wolves
-   seals and whales
-   a large flock of birds - buzzards, peacocks, roadrunners
    and many more
-   a wide selection of domestic cats and dogs
    and great natural ambiences
-   and a few surprises - badgers and wolverines, snakes, dragons
    and Tasmanian devils!

With more than 340 sound effects, Just Birds & Animals II adds lots of wildlife to your productions!

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