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Just Noise
Vintage Noise, Static, Buzz & Hum
2 CD Audio 140 SFX
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Just Noise from Sound Ideas .... a unique collection of vintage media noise, static, buzz and hum. Just right when you need some authentic background crackles, whine, fuzz or hiss, and also ideal as a starting element for sound design.

This 2 CD collection contains 140 tracks, representing more than 20 different sources of great old fashioned noise, including:

-   neon signs
-   open wires
-   tube & transistor radios
-   tape recorders
-   wax cylinders and gramophone discs
-   LP records
-   scanners
-   analog synthesizers
-   reel to reel and cassette tapes
-   televisions
-   walkie talkies

Need a way to age, weather or add realism to a track? Try some garbled reception, static and hum from classic 1940s and 1950s radios, or a bit of crackling noise from a 1960s tape recorder. Add a bit of transistor buzz, a sprinkle of LP record noise or some pulsing synthesizer pops. You'll also find a great selection of tape hiss, walkie talkie static and TV noise on this 2 CD collection.

Just Noise is .... just perfect for the nostalgic and the creative alike!